How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Furnace

A person changing an air filter on a high efficiency furnace.
Extending Your Furnace’s Lifespan

At Harris Aire Serv, we know the immense value of a working furnace – especially during frigid winter weather. After all, our entire line of work revolves around delivering HVAC solutions. This includes maintaining, repairing, and installing furnaces.

Over the years, we’ve become very familiar with the ins and outs of keeping a furnace in good shape. Nevertheless, no furnace is built to last forever – even when considering recent technological improvements. In fact, most residential furnaces last between 15 and 20 years. The good news is there are known techniques to keep a furnace in good shape so it enjoys a longer lifespan. With constant TLC and upkeep, you can enjoy a significantly greater return on your initial investment.

Keep Your Furnace on Auto or Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Your furnace endures natural wear and tear each time it runs. Over time, this wear and tear will ultimately reduce years off your HVAC system’s overall life. There are a few strategies to cut down on the attrition and grind experienced by your furnace. To start, we recommend setting your HVAC systems to Auto instead of On. The Auto setting will help turn your furnace intermittently on and off as indoor temperatures dictate.

Recent, state-of-the-art furnaces can synchronize with smart thermostats to maximize efficiency and limit overexertion. Smart thermostats are so savvy they can track indoor temperature patterns, store your preferences, and intelligently calibrate your furnace’s settings to maximize comfort while reducing energy output. Smart thermostats are easy to program and can be programmed/monitored from the palm of your hand (via a smartphone or tablet).

Let Your Furnace Rest & Recover

Technology is not the only method for reducing your dependency on your furnace. Another key ingredient is indoor insulation. Professional, high-grade insulation and weatherproofed doors and windows can help our home retain its temperature for longer periods, thus making it less reliant on HVAC systems.

Don’t forget that there are also many old-fashioned means of keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. Portable fans and warm blankets can go a long way in handling your thermal needs in milder seasons, like autumn and spring. When combined, these techniques will provide your furnace with much-needed rest and recovery. Regular downtime will go a long way to ensuring your furnace enjoys a lengthy lifespan.

Regularly Clean, Repair, & Renovate Air Ducts/Filters

Cleaning a forced-air HVAC system’s ducts, registers, and grilles can help boost its efficiency and longevity. After all, your HVAC system’s air ducts are the tunnels through which warm or cool air distributes to your home. Any blockages or leaks within the ductwork will drastically decrease the air quality and efficiency of your HVAC system.

A leak is particularly problematic, as your furnace will need to work overtime to account for the conditioned air spilling out of the ductwork. Don’t forget to clean your air filters as well. Most systems use fiberglass or pleated HVAC filters. These should be replaced every few months or as needed (depending on usage and how quickly they become dirty). As a homeowner, you don’t want to force your furnace to work extra hard sending air through a filthy filter.

Telltale Signs Your Furnace Needs a Replacement

There are numerous warning signs of a deteriorating furnace. Some of the most noticeable clues that your furnace is waning in efficiency and on its last legs include:

  • Sudden spikes in winter energy bills
  • Lack of indoor warmth despite constantly running your furnace
  • Inconsistent heating from room to room
  • Rust, cracks, mold, and other visible decay

Keep track of how much you’re spending on repair costs when your furnace becomes older. In many cases, repair costs can quickly add up to the price you’d pay to upgrade to a brand-new unit. There’s no point consistently throwing away money on an old, rundown furnace when you could enjoy a more energy-efficient system that can save you money over the long run.

Whatever decision you make, Harris Aire Serv is ready to offer our professional assistance. We can perform proactive maintenance to ensure your system stays in tip-top shape, timely repairs when issues arise, and expert installations if it’s time to invest in a more efficient, modern furnace.

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