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Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Furnace Maintenance

Southern regions of the U.S. like Huntsville, AL enjoy a significant amount of warm weather throughout the year. It is not unusual for temperatures to plummet from fast-moving cold fronts and require the use of the furnace to keep your family comfortable. Routine annual maintenance should be a priority when it comes to keeping your family warm and safe in the most cost-effective way possible.

Unexpected Furnace Failure

Avoiding routine and seasonal maintenance on your furnace or heating system can result in unexpected breakdowns and failures that will leave you and your family in the cold. Most major problems seem to happen at odd hours, and it can be challenging to get a service technician to come out right away.

Unwanted Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Keeping a furnace in top operational condition will reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning of your family from poorly burnt fuel and improperly vented exhaust. A Huntsville HVAC expert can look at your system and let you know if there are any potential hazards to the health of your family from the emission of this colorless and odorless gas.

Fire Hazard

Faulty ignition, gas leaks, and electrical problems can result in a devastating fire that is both lethal and can destroy everything you own. You should have your furnace thoroughly checked by an experienced technician at the start of the colder months, right before it is time to turn on the heat. Although catastrophic failures and fires are not always predictable, a furnace expert can often find a potential problem with a simple system inspection.

Increased Energy Use

A furnace not well maintained will eventually begin to use increased amounts of energy to keep you warm. You will feel this directly in the pocket with each bill that rolls in during colder months. Increase your energy efficiency by getting the needed routine inspections and maintenance your system requires to run affordably.

It is never too late to have your furnace professionally inspected and serviced. Call our heating system professionals at Aire Serv of Huntsville today and schedule an appointment right away!