HVAC Professionals in Melissa, TX

Melissa is just far enough outside Dallas that you get a small town feeling without losing access to any of the essential services that people in the city take advantage of. Chief among those vital businesses are the local HVAC companies that help homeowners and business owners with their cooling, heating, and ventilation systems.

There's never a convenient time to have a malfunctioning central air conditioner or a broken heater. No matter what time of day your HVAC system fails, quick, effective repairs from a reliable, local professional are the best way to get your system working again. Regular maintenance and tune-ups from that same dependable HVAC company will prevent those problems from ever happening again.

Everyone in Melissa can benefit from easy access to a local HVAC company that provides high-quality services for repairs and preventative maintenance. The HVAC service professionals at Aire Serv of McKinney are here to help!

Whether your AC breaks on the hottest day of the year or you have a broken-down heating system that needs emergency repairs, our team of dedicated, friendly experts can help. Our first priority is helping all our friends and neighbors in Dallas breathe easy, and that means serving you with a wide range of services for residential and commercial HVAC systems in Melissa.

Set of AC units

Cooling Services in Melissa, TX

Nothing is more effective for heating homes and businesses than a high-efficiency air conditioning system. Efficient cooling is important for more than just your comfort though—overheating also causes health issues for vulnerable people. Staying cool and safe shouldn't be difficult. Our experienced team can fix any air conditioning unit and complete air conditioning maintenance that prevents all the common AC problems in Melissa.

Common Air Conditioning Repairs in Melissa, TX:

  • Fixing faulty wiring & power issues
  • Replacing worn-out fan belts
  • Repairing refrigerant leaks
  • Help with frozen evaporator coils
  • Repairing & replacing defective fan motors
  • Defective compressor solutions
  • And, clearing clogged condensate drains

Does Your AC Need Seasonal Maintenance in Melissa, TX?

An annual appointment for an AC tune-up is the best way to prevent problems from becoming huge headaches. Preventative maintenance that includes a complete inspection and a full suite of standard services will save you from serious AC situations. The best time to schedule service is spring, before hot summer weather arrives.

AC Warning Signs for Melissa, TX:

  • The unit won't turn on
  • Weird noises & unusual vibrations during start-up or operation
  • Air that's warm when it should be cold
  • A unit humming when the fan won't turn on
  • And, water or moisture accumulating around the AC unit

Heating Services in Melissa, TX

Efficient home heating is something that everyone relies on during colder weather. The same can be said for businesses. From furnaces to heat pumps, there's a wide selection of heating options for residential and commercial properties in Melissa—and they will all eventually need repairs.

All heat systems have a limited lifespan. Comprehensive heating maintenance service will extend the effective operating period of a unit, but most units still start developing frequent problems once they reach ten to fifteen years of service—even with routine heating maintenance.

Signs You Need Heating Repairs in Melissa, TX:

  • Rising energy bills without a related increase in use
  • Heaters constantly running
  • Heaters that don't turn on or off
  • Units that cycle on & off too often
  • Pilot lights that keep going out
  • And, strange noises coming from your unit

Routine Heater Services in Melissa, TX

Heat pumps and furnaces require routine maintenance even if you haven't noticed any warning signs; and regular tune-ups might even be a requirement for maintaining your warranty. Scheduling an annual fall appointment for a thorough inspection from your local HVAC experts will ensure that you have a well-functioning heating system all winter.

Should You Repair or Replace Broken HVAC Systems?

Sometimes, qualified service just isn't enough to keep an older system running. If you're suffering from rising furnace repair costs or frequent AC issues, you might be wondering if it's time to replace that failing unit. Cooling and heating installation can be expensive though, so it's important that you first consider the two most important factors: age and cost.


Any system that's fifteen years old will inevitably start having more issues over time. If those problems are relatively easy to fix and not too inconvenient, you might not want to opt for installation—but keep in mind that those problems will only become more common and more severe as time goes on.

If you're having issues with a newer unit, then replacement is almost never the better option. Repair services will always be more effective on newer units. In some cases, timely repairs and regular maintenance will save you from more costly repairs or replacement needs.


Considering cost doesn't just mean thinking about how much you'll pay for AC or heating installation. You should review your recent repair and maintenance costs and compare them to the price of installing and maintaining a new upgrade. If your ongoing costs will exceed the price of getting something new, you might want to consider HVAC replacement.

You should also consider what you're paying on monthly utility bills. Many older HVAC systems have a lower energy efficiency rating, and you could save more money in the long run by getting an upgrade. You should think about both operational costs and the difference between paying for frequent HVAC repairs or paying for installation and maintenance.

Commercial HVAC Professionals in Melissa, TX

As a locally owned business, we know that commercial properties in Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding communities need more specialized services and maintenance for their commercial HVAC solutions. All our HVAC experts are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to work on all systems. If you need help with your commercial air conditioner, heater, or ventilation, we can help.

Do You Need HVAC Services in Melissa, TX?

The nearby experts at Aire Serv of McKinney can help. Your comfort and safety are our priorities. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee. Our excellent service can help with all major brands and every type of HVAC solution.

If you have more questions or need a convenient appointment, call our team today at 972-694-1716.