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Emergency HVAC Services in Palm Harbor, FL

Extreme weather can quickly take a toll on your heating or cooling system. When an AC or heater breaks down, you need help that you can depend on! In times of trouble, you can rest assured that Aire Serv of Palm Harbor is going to be at the ready, here to help you out.

Here at Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our 24/7 emergency services, for we know it can make a world of difference to our clients in need. When you’re stuck sweating in a 90-degree home, you want immediate AC help, and fast! With our technicians, you never have to worry about being charged overtime fees. We believe in charging for the job, not for the hour. When you work with us, you're putting yourself in good hands.

Call (727) 498-5935 for our 24/7 customer service. Whether it’s an emergency AC repair, or furnace repair, we are here for you!

Common HVAC Problems Requiring Immediate Service

You can never predict when a heating or cooling problem will happen. However, here are some of the top reasons why these systems can fail:

Improper Preventative Maintenance

Failure to keep up with regular yearly maintenance results in being the number one reason behind our calls. Getting into a good habit of scheduling an annual maintenance check-up can save you from far more costly repairs down the line and are essential to the well-being and safety of your AC system and furnace.

Inexperienced Service

Maintenance and repair of HVAC systems are no DIY tasks. Avoid accidents and hazardous circumstances by placing the state of your systems into a licensed professional who will get the job done right the first time.

Outdated Systems

Age can quickly impact your heating and cooling systems, causing them to malfunction and breakdown down more than ever. If you've been experiencing more and more frequent issues, consider the 50 percent rule: If the cost of repairs is beginning to approach 50 percent of your system's value, you're better off by upgrading or replacing your system. If you're in need of AC installation, our technicians at Aire Serv are more than happy to be of help.

Contact Aire Serv now for 24/7 Emergency Heating and Cooling Service

Our technicians are ready to help get your system back up and running! For affordable, efficient assistance that you trust, contact Aire Serv of Palm Harbor today. We’ve got your best interests in mind.

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  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “Brian went above and beyond going out of his way to help with my dilemma. I had Aireserv install my brand new air condition system in Pasco, and they closed down ,they were supposed to do a six month tune up / check up included in the price of installation”

    - James Carteris