Are you tired of feeling the summer's heat and the winter's chill? It’s time to take control of your indoor climate with a professional duct repair or installation by your local Pittsburgh HVAC technicians. Air ducts can fail for many different reasons, and because they’re located behind walls, in ceilings, and below floors, visually identifying problems isn’t possible without an inspection.

Our HVAC professionals at Aire Serve can inspect your existing ductwork and determine whether a repair or duct installation in Pittsburgh, PA is right for you. Your indoor comfort is our top priority, and we can help you achieve the perfect indoor atmosphere. To book your service appointment today, call us, or learn more about our Pittsburgh duct installation service below.

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Common Reasons For A Pittsburgh Duct Installation

An air duct after an installation

To understand the benefits of our Pittsburgh duct installation services, you first need to understand exactly what the air ducts are and how they work. Air ducts refer to a series of tubes that are connected to your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. These tubes deliver hot air from your furnace and cool air from your air conditioner throughout your home. Your duct system is, therefore, essential to creating a comfortable indoor environment year-round.

All modern homes are built with ductwork installed, but older homes may not have it. If you’ve ever heard the terms ‘central heating’ and ‘central air conditioning,’ these refer to heating and cooling systems that are delivered through ductwork. If you live in a historic home with radiators for heating, you probably don’t have any ductwork installed. Our Pittsburgh duct repair service may be an option to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, but some older homes may not have the space required for ductwork installation.

If you do have central heating (i.e., your home’s heat comes through registers and grilles) but your energy bills are uncomfortably high no matter what you try to do to reduce your energy consumption, you could need a duct repair or replacement for the following reasons:

  • Air duct leaks. Duct leakage occurs when seams between segments come apart. When ductwork is installed, it comes in several pieces that have to be connected using screws, cleats, tape, and a sealant. Over time, these components can loosen and/or deteriorate, resulting in leaky ducts that need duct sealing.
  • Air duct cleaning. Dirty ducts may need periodic cleaning (at least once every two years) to operate efficiently, clean out dust and debris, and prevent mildew growth.
  • Installing central AC. Depending on your existing infrastructure, you may need additional ductwork before installing a central air conditioner. Air conditioning can be expensive, so it’s important to ensure that your cool air is being evenly distributed throughout your house with as little energy as possible.
  • Poor design. Your home’s original HVAC system may have been improperly installed or poorly designed. If you’re planning on renovating your home, it's a great time to invest in a Pittsburgh duct installation service.

Commercial Air Duct Replacement

Our commercial Pittsburgh ductwork services help ensure your ducts are in working order and working efficiently. Your indoor air quality is critical to your place's temperature and ensuring the air quality is clean and efficient. When you trap those dust bunnies and other allergens, you are creating more cohesive work conditions.

Even the most proficient HVAC systems can have issues. When they do, reach out to our team at Aire Serv of Sewickley so we can get them repaired or replaced with little disruption to your company. Let your choice for all your commercial HVAC systems be Aire Serv!

Reach out to talk to one of our friendly customer service technicians so we can answer any questions or book a service call for your business.

Residential Air Duct Replacement

Between routine maintenance and installations, we cover all HVAC systems for your home. We believe that routine maintenance is key to having the system run smoothly throughout the year, and when there is an issue, or it's time for a replacement, we are ready to answer the call.

We are available 24/7, no matter the time of day or time of year. And yes, that includes Christmas! Best of all, we don't charge overtime fees for those emergencies. Our prices are fixed, so you have peace of mind that you are paying per job, not per hour, for our services.

Let us help you get your home's HVAC systems maintained before they become a more costly issue. Call us today to learn more or to book your service call.

Our Pittsburgh Duct Repair And Installation Service

The gloved hands of an HVAC service professional in the process of using duct tape to secure a connection between a flexible duct and a rigid air duct.

Your duct installation in Pittsburgh, PA, starts with a consultation and inspection. During this inspection, your reputable HVAC professional from Aire Serv will identify areas with duct leakage. They will also conduct a series of tests to determine how well each room in your home is being heated and cooled.

Once areas of concern have been identified, we’ll discuss our findings with you to ensure that you’re on the same page. If our assessment revealed that total replacement isn't necessary and air duct repair is the most economical option for you and your home, we’d recommend the latter. Otherwise, we’ll create a layout for your Pittsburgh installation and discuss this plan with you. We won’t move forward until we have your approval. Following approval, we’ll schedule you for your installation or repair appointment.

Our Installation Process And Ductwork Options

Our HVAC professionals will arrive at your home on time on the day of your installation appointment. We’ll briefly go over the project scope and expectations with you before beginning, but as soon as you give us the go-ahead, we’ll get straight to work. Based on discussions and decisions made during the consultation stage, you may have one of two main types of ductwork installed: flexible ducts or sheet metal ducts.

Flexible ductwork has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its space-saving capabilities and lower cost. As its name suggests, flexible ductwork is very movable and looks similar to a Slinky covered in pliable plastic. This makes it a great choice for very small spaces that are difficult to access, such as those in historic buildings. However, it tends to degrade more quickly than traditional sheet metal. Though there are benefits to its flexibility, our HVAC technicians will try to keep your ductwork as straight as possible, as the more curves and bends present in your ductwork, the less efficient your HVAC system will be.

If space allows it, we recommend installing sheet metal ductwork. Sheet metal ductwork has a longer lifespan, is more durable, and can be installed in segments, allowing for custom ducts to be tailored to your home.

The installation process may differ according to the home, but in general, you can expect us to take the following steps during your Pittsburgh duct repair or installation:

  1. Cut out vents. The vents are where air enters and exit your system through registers and grilles. If your Pittsburgh duct repair or installation requires adding vents, your HVAC expert will do this first.
  2. Ductwork laying. If your entire system is being replaced, your HVAC professional will lay your home’s entire new system by creating pathways from your vents to your HVAC system. If your system is being retrofitted, they’ll lay duct work only where needed.
  3. Ductwork sealing. Because sheet metal fabrication systems are installed in individual pieces, they'll need to be thoroughly sealed to prevent air leakage. This is done with a special kind of tape and a mastic gum product. Fiberglass insulation will also be wrapped around your tubing to improve efficiency as much as possible.
  4. Final clean-up. With your Pittsburgh duct installation service complete, your HVAC service professional will thoroughly clean up after themselves, leaving your home as clean as it was when they arrived. After answering any additional questions you may have, they’ll be on their way, leaving you to enjoy lower energy bills and a more efficient HVAC system.

Keeping Your New Ductwork In Great Shape

There’s no doubt about it—it's notoriously invasive to get any kind of duct installation. Pittsburgh, PA, homeowners, and business owners can prevent needing duct repair in the future by taking the time to clean their system every two to three years. Not only do dirty systems encourage deterioration, but they also reduce the overall air quality of your place.

Though you can clean your vents and air filter yourself, having a professional HVAC team thoroughly clean your airflow system with a high-powered vacuum system every year or two is a good idea. Though you’ll pay a cost for cleaning, it will be significantly less than getting a complete Pittsburgh duct installation.

We’re A Leader In Duct Installation – Pittsburgh, PA

When you choose us for your Pittsburgh duct installation and duct repair services, you can guarantee that you’ll get expert services from experienced professionals. Our company has collective 75-plus years of experience, making us true experts at what we do. As a locally owned and operated franchise, we’re deeply passionate about bringing HVAC services to residents not only in Pittsburgh but also in the surrounding areas, such as the communities of Moon Township, Sewickley, Wexford, and Beaver County.

Some of the additional perks of hiring us include:

  • Upfront pricing and no overtime charges for repairs or installation
  • 24/7 emergency repair services
  • Workmanship guarantee on repairs and installations
  • Rotating special offers

To learn more about why we’re the right HVAC company for your HVAC replacement and repair needs, call us. We’ll also handle all your air conditioning repair and heater repair needs.

Pittsburgh Duct Installation FAQs

What Duct Shape Is Most Efficient?

Circular tubes tend to be more efficient, especially around corners, than rectangular pathways, but rectangular duct fittings are more secure in ceilings, beneath floorboards, and behind walls. The shape of your air ducts is less important than the number of bends in them.

Are Metal Ducts Better Than Flex Ducts?

Metal steel systems are more durable and efficient than flexible units, but they may not be an option in tight spaces. That said, flexible ductwork is ideal for your dryer vent. A third option is semi-rigid ducts, typically made of aluminum but coming in one seamless piece.

Your space and your budget will largely dictate the right type for your repair. Our HVAC technicians make time to explain each product description and the system's ins and outs, ensuring you can make the right decision for your home or property.

Can I Do My Own Pittsburgh Duct Installation?

We do not recommend doing your own duct repair or duct installation. Pittsburgh, PA, HVAC technicians undergo intensive training to properly install and repair these systems. Unless you’ve had the professional training yourself and are certified, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to optimize your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Besides, our technicians will obtain all the official permits required for any HVAC work and will ensure the ducts are safely and appropriately sealed. Improper installation and repair will significantly impact your utility bills and compromise the safety of your home and family.

How Long Does A Pittsburgh Duct Installation Take?

The length of your duct installation in Pittsburgh, PA, will largely depend on what your service involves. If you need a small segment of ductwork repaired in a fairly accessible space, the service shouldn’t take more than a day. On the other hand, a complete replacement of your existing system may take longer.

When our team does the assessment of your needs, we will be able to give you a more accurate timeline of our services. Our technicians will do their best to install and repair your system as efficiently as possible, but they’ll also take care not to rush, as doing so could result in air leaks that drive up your energy bills.

How Often Do I Need A Pittsburgh Duct Installation?

A duct installation in Pittsburgh, PA, should last anywhere from ten to 20 years if you take the time to maintain your system. In most cases, replacing the entire system isn’t necessary, but you’ll probably find that you need duct repair more often as your system ages.

If you’re not the original owner of your home and want to know more about the state of your ductwork, an inspection by one of our certified technicians is always a good idea.

What Is The Best Insulation Material For A Duct Installation In Pittsburgh, PA?

Fiberglass insulation is generally the insulation material of choice for a Pittsburgh duct installation. Fiberglass has been used in homes for decades thanks to its high R-value and longevity, and fiberglass sheets covered with foil on one side are typically used for insulating ductwork.

In the past, insulation has also been used to line the insides of tubes. The benefit of this was that it provided soundproofing background noise, resulting in the system operating more quietly, but it was found that the insulation deteriorated and then was carried through the tubes and out of the vents. This can then lead to reduced indoor air quality.

Do You Have To Open My Walls To Do A Pittsburgh Duct Installation?

We’ll always try to be as minimally invasive as possible, but if you have a major issue with systems that are located between floors or in hard-to-access areas, we may need to remove a piece of the wall or ceiling. If we think this is the best course of action, we’ll discuss our reasoning with you, leaving the final decision up to you.

In some cases, such as in an unfinished basement like the one pictured below, it is possible to install ductwork without any work needed to remove walls or ceilings. Ultimately, the level of work needed for duct installation will depend on the specific features of your property.

New, rigid air ducts installed along the ceiling of an unfinished basement by Aire Serv.

Trust The Pros At Aire Serv Of Sewickley With Your Pittsburgh Duct Installation

If you’re living in an older home without central air or you think your central air system may be operating less efficiently than it once did, our Pittsburgh duct installation and duct repair services may be right for you. When it comes to any HVAC repair or installation, hiring our licensed service professional with the training as well as expertise to get the job done right is essential to ensure the safety of all inside the home or business.

Don't let faulty ducts ruin your indoor climate. Let us help you achieve the perfect temperature in your home. Our affordable and reliable services come with a guarantee and will always be customer-focused, so you will gain peace of mind knowing our services will always exceed your expectations.

Call our friendly office team today or simply fill out our online form to schedule your Pittsburgh duct installation or leaky ductwork repair and experience the difference with a high-functioning HVAC system. Whether you want to learn more about Aire Serv’s other local services, such as commercial air conditioner repair or residential air conditioner replacement, or need emergency HVAC services, our technicians are ready to help with that or any other HVAC needs.

Learn why so many Pittsburgh residents have chosen Aire Serv of Sewickley for their Pittsburgh duct installations by requesting your own appointment today! We look forward to working with you and making your home as comfortable as it's ever been.

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