Video Transcriptions

*Video transcription: (Boy’s voice) Eli’s house has a heater that works. I have layers. This isn’t okay. Theo, what have we become? (Woman’s voice) Desperate times call for Aire Serv. For installation and repairs, call your local Aire Serv today.

*Video transcription: (Girl’s voice) Becky’s house has air conditioning that works. We have fans. Batten down the hatches. Just another day in paradise. (Woman’s voice) Desperate times call for Aire Serv. For installation and repairs, call your local Aire Serv today.

*Video transcription: Many customers naturally think if there are hot or cold spots at home, then the issue comes directly from the outdoor and indoor heating and air conditioning unit. They think the units need to be bigger to accommodate your heating and cooling needs. However in most cases, the heating and AC systems could be too big. Having an oversized system may be the source for hot and cold spots. When a heating and AC contractor is diagnosing any issues with your system, they need to look at more than just the indoor and outdoor equipment. The air distribution system, which includes the supply and return duct work, is an important asset to the overall comfort of your home. If the air distribution system is not properly designed, your house cannot heat and cool correctly. Think of it this way: If I asked you to put a clothespin on your nose and a straw in your mouth, and asked you to run a mile, what would happen to your lungs? It would make it very difficult to breathe and put a strain on your lungs. Well, your return air brings all the air from the home back to the system. If you don’t have the capacity, it’ll do the same thing to your unit that walking down the street would have done to your lungs. So, again, you need to bring into account proper sizing of your air conditioner and proper distribution of your air. Because if all those things aren’t working correctly, the system won’t heat and cool properly. For more information on your heating or cooling system, go to or go to our YouTube channelLink opens in a new tab.

*Video transcription: Do you use cleaning products in your home, like candles or air fresheners? Well, all these things give off gas in your home that have no way out. Ask yourself: Have you experienced watery, itchy eyes or dry nasal passages? Well, there are other triggers in your home for that too - like dust mites or mold spores. All those allergy triggers and gases are trapped in your home and being constantly recycled in the air because your home is built so tightly. This is why air quality concerns don’t just happen when you go outdoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your home can be 2 to 5 times worse than the air outside. But there are solutions for removing that dust and clearing the air. When it comes to indoor air quality, different types of products do different things. For instance, we typically find 1-inch filters in the grill on the ceiling. But the EPA says those type of filters typically just filter out the rats and rocks - the big stuff. Your filtration needs to be designed to remove small dust particles and airborne particulates. At the minimum, a high-quality filtration package with 4-inch filters that catch small particles will help. When you hear about volatile organic compounds and off-gassing from household products, that’s when you need to start thinking in the direction of a combination of UV lighting and certain types of air filters to actually sterilize air. Number 1, this helps improve the air quality, but it also protects your heating and air conditioning system from the same contaminants to help it last longer and more efficiently. Some UV products even help eliminate odors. Now who doesn’t want that? For more information on your heating or cooling system, go to or go to our YouTube channelLink opens in a new tab.

*Video transcription: We send you our photo before we come. And, we come on time. We keep your driveway clear and your floors. We check your whole system before every repair. And we stand behind it, free of charge. We are Aire Serv because heating and cooling isn't just about expertise, it's about peace of mind.

*Video transcription: There was a time when every home had someone to take care of it. To keep its lawn picnic-worth. To make sure its floors were cleared for take off. To keep the lights on inside, the weather outside, and everything flushing as expected. But then life happened. Busy happened. And along came modern technology to make everyone's lives easier. There would be a robot for this, an app for that, and again every home would be taken care of. But somehow all the technology in the world didn't give us another hour in the day, or another day on the weekend. And turns out, all the amazing things we invented to manage our homes, they needed managing too. So here we are, with grass growing outside, same paint chipping off the walls, the same home in need of a caretaker. And maybe that's where we went wrong. Maybe we didn't need something to take care of our home. Maybe what we needed was someone. Or, even better, a whole community. People we trust, people we know. People we can call anytime for anything, and they'll be there. They'll be there because they've been there all along. Right next door.

* Video transcription: We wanted to know what would happen if we did something to the system that should be very easy to fix. So, the expert pulled out these fuses by just an inch, cutting all power to the system. He says any credible technician should be able to find the problem and push the fuses back in. Bingo - he sees the problem and fixes it. On top of that, now that he knows it was just a loose fuse, he tells Jenny her system is fine, even the old unit. And listen to this: (Jenny) And how much do I owe you? (Rafael) Nothing. (Jenny) Oh Rafael, that's - are you sure? (Rafael) Yeah, we don't charge anything for checking it out. (Voiceover) Job well done by Rafael.

*Video transcription: When it comes to your comfort, Aire Serv cares about you and your family. You see, it's the natural way our family works. We care because we understand how your family's comfort is so very important. So let us work for you and your loved ones when your home's air conditioning or heating needs repair or service, please remember Aire Serv stands for integrity, honesty and your family's comfort. Here at Aire Serv, our family cares, so please let us be your air conditioning and heating company. Remember we're always here when you need us.

*Video transcription: Our house used to have rooms that were too hot, and others that were too cold. But I found a way to make our house more comfortable and reduce our energy bills. Hot and cold rooms are caused by conditioned air not reaching its intended location due to leaky ducts. The average home loses 25 to 40 percent of heated and cooled air through leaks in the air ducts. The Aeroseal process seals those leaks, so the air can flow directly to your living spaces, reducing hot and cold spots, while also controlling humidity. It's a simple process that uses your existing duct work. Aeroseal is the most effective, affordable and simple solution for sealing ducts. You will see many benefits, including eliminating hot and cold spots, balancing temperatures throughout the house, proper humidity control, along with cleaner air and energy savings of up to 30 percent. Seal in comfort with Aeroseal.