Dryer Vent Pros in Cary

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Did you know dryer lint is one of the most flammable items in your home? With an estimated 16,000 U.S. home fires being contributed to clogged dryer vents, it’s critical to get your dryer vent serviced every year. By cleaning the dryer line and vent, our dryer vent cleaners can ensure your dryer is safe and energy efficient.

Our Aire Serv technicians will use an anemometer before and after the cleaning process. This tool gauges the dryer’s air flow in mph and let’s the dryer techs know how fast the air is moving. Normal air flow is typically 10 mph or more, depending on length of your exhaust.

Our dryer vent professionals had their hands full at a recent dryer vent cleaning in Cary, North Carolina. The dryer vent specialists located the vent, unplugged the dryer and pulled the dryer away from the wall to begin cleaning the vent. Our Cary technicians removed lint from the hole at the back of the dryer, exterior vent cover, and retested the air flow after the dryer vent cleaning. The anemometer went from 3.3 mph before their dryer vent line was cleaned properly to 9.6 mph after it was free of lint.

Our dryer vent pros recommend cleaning your dryer vent at least once a year to keep your home safe and hazard free. Looking for a dryer vent professional in the Cary area? Aire Serv of Wake County can help. Give us a call for a free estimate on dryer vent cleaning.

dryer vent