The Right Room Temperature for Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree with text: "The right room temperature for your Christmas tree"

You shopped for hours, pestering the retail clerk to unleash the branches of at least a dozen trees, strapped your fabulous fir to the car, hauled it into your home, and precariously balanced it to perfection, artfully adorning it with family and friends. You know it won’t last forever, but after all that hard work, how can you preserve your precious Christmas pine? For holiday looks that last, don’t neglect these tenets of real Christmas tree care….

Buy Smart

For looks that last, shop smart. Buy your tree fresh from the farm, or if you must shop retail, choose trees stored in a cool, shaded area, and not stacked so tightly branches are damaged. Look for trees that shed very few needles when you run the branches lightly though your fingers, or that when shaken shed very few green needles.

Think Thirsty

The key to a long lasting Christmas tree is moisture, which trees begin to lose as soon as they are cut. How do I keep my Christmas tree from drying out? With a steady supply of water, which your tree will consume in mass quantities, drinking a gallon or more in the initial 24 hours after it is cut, and more than a quart daily. To ensure your tree can source the water it needs, be sure to cut the base of the tree an inch above the original cut just before placing it in the stand. (This helps open up the pores in the bark in the event they’ve become clogged by sap.) Water your tree with cold water, abstaining from miracle chemicals touted to extend the life of your tree. Cool water is your tree’s best friend, and will keep it fragrant. A good tree stand is likewise a pal to your pine, ensuring it has access to the supply of water and vertical support it needs to last you safely through the holiday season.

Don’t Leave Your Tree High and Dry

Display your Christmas tree away from all heat sources, including heating and air vents, fireplaces, portable heaters, and direct sunlight. Heat and high indoor temperatures are the enemy of your tree, causing it to dry and wither faster. The lower the temperature in your home, the less water your tree will consume and the better it will fare. How long does a real Christmas tree last? Trees left without water will wither in 8 to 14 days. However with consistent watering and proper care, your fresh cut Christmas tree should stay fresh indoors at least a month. During this time, keep the water level an inch above the bottom of the trunk. Continually monitor your tree for dryness. Signs include dry needles (on the tree an on the floor), and drooping boughs (the main branches of the tree). Once needles strip off easily into your hand, your tree is too dry and should be removed from the house for safety.

Keep the air in your home fragrant and festive this holiday season. Schedule your pre-season heating service and maintenance with Aire Serve® today!