What can you expect when you have your HVAC unit replaced?

Think your HVAC system needs replacing? Here's all the information you'll need to make it a success. From considering your contractor to helping prepare your home, these tips ensure every stage of the project runs smoothly.

Estimating Costs

Before beginning the replacement process, it's best to consider cost estimates from a few different contractors. Once a contractor arrives at your home, they'll measure its square footage and make calculations based on your area's climate and property size. Then, they'll recommend the best size and type of HVAC system based on these calculations. Upgrading insulation in crawl spaces or attics, resealing doors and windows, or repairing exterior walls may be necessary as well.

To receive a price estimate from a reliable contractor, contact our experts at Aire Serv of College Station or request an appointment online. We are happy to assist in your next HVAC project.

Finding an HVAC Contractor

Our licensed, bonded, and insured contractors at Aire Serv of College Station provide the skills and expertise needed to handle your next HVAC project. During your consultation, we will inspect your unit and take proper measurements. Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a detailed estimate containing the following:

  • Start and completion dates for the job
  • Each specific task for the job
  • HVAC system to be replaced
  • Price list for each specific task
  • Additional material costs
  • Clean up costs
  • Removing your old HVAC system costs
  • Warranty Information

Replacing an Entire HVAC Unit

When replacing one part of the unit, whether the HVAC condenser, or the air handler, it's recommended to update both systems and, especially, to inspect the ductwork in case it needs replacing.

Calculate the Correct HVAC Unit Size

The following chart estimates tonnage coverage based on your property's square footage. In addition, consider your area's climate to make sure your new unit will accommodate temperature fluctuations. For a more accurate calculation, reach out to our experts at Aire Serv of College Station.In the meantime, this chart will let you know what to expect:

1.5 tons – 600 to 1100 square feet

2-tons – 901 to 1400 square feet

2.5-tons – 1201 to 1650 square feet

3 tons – 1501 to 2100 square feet

3.5 tons – 1801-2300 square feet

4 tons – 2101 to 2700 square feet

5 tons – 2401 to 3300 square feet

Before purchasing an HVAC replacement, research the best size and type of unit for your property. A unit that's too large or small won't be energy-efficient and could lead to a pricey utility bill. Check the label for energy-efficiency ratings and whether the product is Energy Star® certified. Schedule a professionally performed heat load calculation from Aire Serv of College Station today!

HVAC Terms

HSPF – Heating Season Performance Factor: The rating determining a heat pump's efficiency. The current standard for all heat pumps requires a minimum rating of 7.7.

SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: This rating determines a cooling system's efficiency. The current standard for all new systems is a minimum of 13.

*It's important to note that choosing a system with higher HSPF and SEER ratings is more expensive but gives a better return on your investment down the line.

Preparing for an HVAC Replacement

Once you've received an estimate from our experienced technicians at Aire Serv of College Station, you're ready to begin installing.

Taking the proper steps before the installation crew arrives makes the process easier. Valuable items should be moved from the work area, and pets should be taken to a safe and quiet space.

Length of HVAC Replacement Installation

Most HVAC units can be replaced in a day's time, but some advanced additions may take longer. On arrival, our team and crew members will assess the job and begin setting up.

Setting up the Area to Replace an HVAC System

First, the crew will lay down drop cloths to protect all flooring. Next, furniture should be moved from the work area. Dust may accumulate during installation, so furniture unable to be moved should be protected with plastic covers. Once the flooring and furniture have been properly protected, the crew will begin the installation.

Reach out to Aire Serv of College Station for an HVAC crew you can trust to install your new system!

Replacing Old HVAC Units

Before replacing your new HVAC unit, the crew will remove the old equipment to make room for the new systems. To do this, access to attics, crawl spaces, and basements might be necessary. After shutting off the power to the HVAC system, the crew will remove any refrigerant and start removing the old equipment.

Repairing/Modifying Ducts

Repairing or replacing ductwork may be needed depending on the size of your project. If it requires extensive ductwork, crew members will need to make their way through attics and crawl spaces to make necessary adjustments. Extensive ductwork could extend the duration of the project, so be prepared to plan accordingly.

Installing Your New HVAC Unit Replacement

After repairing the existing ductwork, the new equipment will be installed to meet the manufacturer's requirements. Depending on which system is being put in, equipment may be installed both inside and outside of your property.

Like many home-improvement projects, additional repairs may need to be addressed – in addition to your initial price estimate – to complete the project. This could mean replacing damaged ductwork, rotten wall studs, electrical upgrades, and drywall repairs. Anything missing from your heating or cooling system that is required for its operation? Just call. We'll handle it for free.

Testing the New AC Unit

Once the installation is finished, pressure and vacuum tests are performed before adding refrigerant. Then, the unit's activated and retested to ensure all its components work properly.

After testing, our team at Aire Serv of College Station will inform you about the new unit's proper operation and its warranty. Then the process is complete, and you'll be able to enjoy all the comfort provided by your new HVAC system.

If you're thinking of replacing your HVAC system, let our experts at Aire Serv of College Station help you plan for success.