Aire Serv of Edwardsville Air Quality Services

Air quality in your Edwardsville home is so important that you may need our air quality services to improve yours. Aire Serv® offers air purification, testing, and filter replacements to improve indoor air quality in Edwardsville homes. Our services remove contaminants and make breathing healthier.

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Air Purification Services

If you have poor air quality, it’s time to use our air purification services. We offer a range of options, including installing a humidifier, cleaning out your air ducts, and installing an air purifier specifically designed for your home. Don't wait to prioritize your health and safety - contact us today to learn more about our air purification services.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Taking care of the air quality in your home is essential for your health and safety. That's why we recommend getting air quality testing and using our air purification services to make your air cleaner. Every home has contaminants to some degree, but if your home has excessive amounts, our air-cleaning services can help.

Installing and Replacing Air Filters

The air filters in your home are essential for cleaning the air. If the air filters haven't been changed in a while, it can force your system to work harder to move the air. It can also mean dirt isn’t getting trapped as it once was. We offer air filter services whenever you need them.

Air Quality FAQs

Do you have questions about our air services, such as indoor air quality testing? We’ve compiled some of our frequently asked questions so you can quickly get your desired answers. This will help you make an informed decision about your indoor air quality.

What is air quality?

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When you talk about air quality, you’re talking about what’s in the air in your home. If there are very few contaminants in it, it’s good air quality.

Why Is indoor air quality important?

When indoor air quality is poor, you’re breathing in many contaminants, including mold and mildew, which can be very unhealthy.

How to test air quality in your home?

We offer the best air quality testing services. Our service professionals know all about air quality and how to get your air cleaner and healthier.

How to improve indoor air quality

When you want the best air quality inside your home, call us for professional air testing. Call today to make your appointment for testing or other services.

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