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Whether it's the dead of winter or early in the morning, there's one thing no Greenville home should ever be without – reliable heating. But when the temperature drops and you need your heater to work, it can often seem like a losing battle.

But don't wave your white flag just yet. Your heater problems can be solved with help from the experts at Aire Serv of Greenville. We provide comprehensive repair and replacement services for all types of heating systems – from furnaces to heat pumps. We're your one-stop shop for all your heating needs!

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Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Home's Heater?

Even with routine maintenance, your heater can still experience problems! But should you attempt to repair things or throw in the towel and go for a replacement?

The team at Aire Serv of Greenville can help. We have the experience and know-how to determine the level of damage you're dealing with and the most cost-effective solution. Our technicians are here to assess your system whenever you need them – day or night!

When Your Heater Needs a Repair

With the amount of use your heater sees year after year, it's not uncommon for things to go wrong. Here are some of the most common signs that it's time for a heater repair:

  • Unusual noises like humming, rattling, or squeaking
  • Short cycling, where the heater turns off before the home is sufficiently warmed
  • A significant increase in energy bills without a corresponding increase in usage
  • Cold spots in certain areas, indicating uneven heating
  • The thermostat doesn’t match the actual room temperature
  • Foul or unusual odors when the heater is running
  • Frequent overheating or the system's safety switch tripping

When Your Heater Needs Replacement

Heaters won't last forever – especially if they don't receive the proper maintenance! Here are a few signs that it may be time for an upgrade:

  • The heater is more than 10-15 years old
  • Repair costs approach or exceed 50% of the cost of a new system
  • The system has undergone multiple repairs in recent years
  • There's a noticeable decline in air quality or an increase in dust and allergens
  • Your heater struggles to maintain desired temperatures even after repairs
  • The model is outdated and lacks energy-efficient features available in modern systems
  • Uneven heating persists even after multiple service attempts

While using general guidelines to determine whether replacement or repair is best, talking to a professional before making any decisions is essential. Our Greenville heater service professionals will always begin with a comprehensive inspection of your heating system to help you decide what’s best!

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When your heater starts giving you the cold shoulder, it's time to turn to the pros who genuinely care – Aire Serv of Greenville. Whether you're dealing with a minor issue or facing a total breakdown, our team is ready and equipped to get your system back up and running efficiently.

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