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Located in Collin County, Anna has a population of under 17,000 and is one of North Texas’s fastest-growing towns. It’s a safe place to live and offers a good school and housing system for families with kids. While many Anna homeowners commute to their jobs throughout Collin County, they have all the more to look forward to when returning home because of the accessibility to biking and hiking trails in the Natural Springs Park. They also get the benefit of access to great local businesses and experts, including local HVAC services in Anna.

Set of AC units

Anna's climate is humid subtropical, yet its weather conditions are more temperate than in other parts of the state. You still get the hot, muggy summers and cold, windy winters that require reliable HVAC systems to regulate the temperatures in your home. One couldn't imagine a healthy lifestyle without them, and instead of a luxury, having a dependable heating and cooling system is a necessity for Anna homeowners—which means that if you own a local home, you will likely eventually need HVAC services in Anna.

Your dependable team at Aire Serv of McKinney provides Anna HVAC services that include maintenance, repairs and replacements. From duct cleaning to heating repair, and filter replacement to air conditioner repair, we can do it all. We are your locally owned HVAC service provider that handles heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. If you need an Anna HVAC company, we’re here to help!

Air Conditioning Services in Anna, TX

Every home in Anna needs an efficient cooling system in the summer for you to stay safe and comfortable. Not only does it reduce humidity and the risk of mold in your home, but it’s also proven to lower pollen count and other allergens. Along with the necessary comfort and safety, an AC has become essential for some people in Anna with asthma symptoms.

AC Maintenance

As your Anna HVAC service professionals, we want to ensure your systems are in top-notch condition and will not fail you during the most critical seasons of the year. We have a list of preventative maintenance tasks to tackle before making sure your AC system is in working order.


This is probably the most crucial one of all. When your filters are clogged, they reduce airflow and often even cause your air conditioning system to overwork, leading to an increased energy bill. Most filters are either reusable or must be replaced, but either way, regular cleaning or replacement is required—especially during peak use periods, when your home could be subjected to higher levels of dust and pollen.

We recommend cleaning or replacement at least every three months, but more frequent replacement could further increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system, depending on weather conditions and overall AC performance.


Your evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt during use. If you take good care of your filter, it will help your coils stay clean for longer. If not, they will accumulate dirt and reduce airflow, which compromises the evaporator coil’s ability to absorb heat. Some homes have an outdoor condenser coil that is more prone to getting dirty, particularly if there are dryer vents, dense bushes or trees nearby.

Ensuring your condenser coil isn't blocked and receives adequate airflow is essential. It’s also worth inspecting your coil fins to make sure they aren’t bent or obstructing airflow. We recommend scheduling an appointment with an Anna HVAC service professional to clean your coils at least once a year.

Condensate Drain

As the coils remove humidity from the air, the humidity converts into water and flows into a pan where it collects before it goes down the draining line. If condensate drains are ever clogged, the water will have nowhere to go, leading to excess moisture in your home that could impact your walls and carpet. We recommend you check your condensate drain for standing water during maintenance and clean the drain when necessary. An Anna HVAC service professional can help with that too.

Attic Fan Maintenance

While attic insulation is a crucial component to cost-effective energy efficiency, having a reliable attic fan will not only help circulate fresh air but also back up your AC, leading to a perfect synergy that saves you money. Maintaining your attic fan is another way that your local Anna HVAC experts can help.

Pro Tip: As you prepare for the winter months in Anna, we recommend that you give your AC system a final clean before you cover it up, especially the AC unit outside your home. This way, you protect it from debris and severe weather conditions.

What Does an AC Maintenance Expert Do?

Now that you know the critical parts of your AC better, you'll understand the details your qualified Anna HVAC service professional will look at to determine if AC repair service or replacements are necessary.

Some of the common HVAC services in Anna that offer to help with maintaining an air conditioner include:

  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Safe refrigerant evacuation
  • Checking for seal duct leakage
  • Inspecting your electronic control sequence
  • Inspecting electric terminals
  • Measuring overall airflow through the coils
  • Checking your AC compressor’s oil level
  • Checking your thermostat’s accuracy

What Are the Signs I Need Air Conditioning Repair in Anna, TX?

If you haven’t scheduled regular AC service in the past and suspect something out of the ordinary, pay attention to these common telltale signs:

Output Air is Warm

This indicates that you either have a low refrigerant level or a broken air compressor, which can lead to leaks in the system. An HVAC specialist has the tools and expertise to get down to the root cause that will help determine the next step.

Poor Airflow

Other than a clogged filter, this could also indicate a defective compressor or a ductwork problem caused by a leak. We recommend seeking help from an HVAC service professional immediately, as this issue could worsen quickly.

Fluctuating Temperatures

If your thermostat doesn’t seem to state the right temperature in your home despite a working AC, you could try to reset it. If nothing changes, it might be faulty and need replacement. Thermostat calibration and replacement is another common HVAC service in Anna.

High Indoor Humidity

Your AC eliminates mugginess by cooling and dehumidifying the air when working effectively. Other factors also contribute to excess humidity, such as a high number of people gathering indoors, cooking or even thunderstorms, but other common causes of high humidity include age of your air conditioning system or lack of regular maintenance.

You should not ignore excess humidity, as it could lead to additional issues and severe complications throughout your home. When you notice high humidity, we recommend shutting off your cooling unit and checking the condensate drain for standing water, clogs or any issues that may need service from an HVAC professional.

Strange Noises

Grinding and screeching sounds are clear signs of malfunctioning parts, like a broken motor in the condenser system, a damaged blower fan motor or even a refrigerant leak.

While some situations require repair, air conditioning replacement is inevitable if you have an old unit that has already exceeded its life expectancy. Our HVAC service professionals are happy to give your unit a thorough inspection, complete any necessary repairs or replacements and recommend preventative measures that you can take to avoid future problems.

Heating Service in Anna, TX

Although Anna barely gets one inch of snow in the winter, you can’t be prepared enough for colder weather and potential polar vortexes. Winter months still get cool, and sudden temperature drops could potentially make the wind colder than we’re used to, so it’s important to have a fully functioning heating system.

After the long hot summer months, we often forget to inspect our heating systems. Whether you have a furnace or a heat pump, our skilled HVAC service professionals are one call away from helping you ensure they’re in working order.

Heater and Furnace Maintenance

We often take our HVAC systems for granted and forget about the routine maintenance required to keep them in shape. Even simple furnace tune-ups can help you avoid a number of problems in the future.

Air Duct and Vent Cleaning

If you turn on your furnace for the first time after a long summer, you will notice more dust and debris in the air. A routine clean could help improve your indoor air quality by lowering the level of dust and other allergens. However, there are a few myths about air duct cleaning benefits you should know about too. Your certified HVAC service professionals at Aire Serv will help you understand what you need to know and recommend the right solutions to help improve your indoor air quality.


We can’t ever emphasize enough that changing your filter is the ultimate lifesaver. You should replace your furnace filter at least once every two or three months, if not every month during peak use.

Burner, Fan Motor and Flue Inspection

Your burner relies heavily on a functioning ignitor and flame sensor. If we can rule out any signs of rust and other issues, you can rest assured that your burner is tip top. A healthy blower belt with no obstructions will show a working fan motor. And when you check your flue for moisture backup, you should watch out for water streaks or rust on the flue pipe.

What Are the Signs I Need Furnace Repair in Anna, TX?

Unpleasant signs could show up during the most inconvenient times, but if they are minor, you’ll be able to tackle them right away before anything gets out of hand.

Low Airflow

You either have a dirty air filter, dirty blower fan motor or a blocked vent. If you regularly change your filter, the other issues shouldn’t be all that common. Cleaning your blower fan and opening all the vents (even in unused rooms) will help increase airflow.

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is a common culprit for furnaces shutting down or playing up. As the main device that controls your entire HVAC system, it’s worth going over the settings and seeing whether it has reset itself.

Pro Tip: For effective heating, it should be set to “AUTO,” not “ON.” ON will cause the blower to run non-stop, whereas AUTO will adjust to your home’s heat distribution.

Other thermostat issues include drastic temperature fluctuations, incorrect temperature readings or old wiring. We recommend replacing your thermostat every ten years for reliable performance.

Corroded Flame Sensor

Carbon buildup from the flame (pilot light or burner light) is common and can cause the flame sensor to corrode. This safety feature leads the furnace to shut down because it can't detect the flame. It’s designed to prevent your HVAC system from pumping dangerous gas into your home. If you notice a corroded sensor during winter, call a specialist for emergency HVAC services in Anna immediately.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Solutions

Our goal is to help you avoid costly heating and cooling bills in Anna. The best way to keep your system running smoothly is through regular maintenance. Other than your regular filter change, it’s important you pay attention to your home’s overall insulation, vents and other systems that are connected to your HVAC.

If you schedule an annual appointment with a specialist, they will carry out necessary AC and furnace cleaning services and inspections, ensuring your vents, ducts and blower are in decent condition. This way, you can rest assured your air circulation is flawless and that you’ve got the most out of your HVAC equipment.

Emergency HVAC Services in Anna, TX

Whether your heating and cooling system break down during the worst time of day or during extreme weather conditions, you can rely on us for emergency HVAC services in Anna, TX with upfront pricing and no overtime charges.

You need professionals you can trust to fix your AC or furnace right away during an emergency. Our Anna emergency HVAC services will meet those needs for urgency and have help sent over immediately. When we arrive, we’ll diagnose the problem and get your system up and running like nothing happened.

Our goal is to ensure you’re safe and comfortable with a well-balanced temperature at home. We are here 24/7 to help homeowners in Anna, TX, whether on nights, weekends or holidays, with a wide range of services from HVAC installation to commercial air conditioning service.

Need Expert HVAC Services in Anna, TX?

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