Aire Serv of Murrieta Air Quality Services

Take a deep breath. Did it feel good, or was there a problem? Did your nose twitch? Did something feel off?

If so, it might be time for some air quality services, as poor quality in your home can often cause chronic upper respiratory issues or preexisting conditions to worsen. On top of health restraints, it can drastically affect your system's operations with shorter lifespans and more extensive energy costs.

Aire Serv® of Murrieta has everything you might need for clean air, and we’re ready to help you.

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Air Purification Services

When something pollutes the air in your home or workplace, you want a quick remedy. That’s what our air purification services are designed to handle. We can do a single service to fix a singular problem or arrange ongoing services to keep your air purified.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality testing is usually the first step. This method lets us ascertain your current situation and plan additional services accordingly. Depending on the specifics, we can deploy cleaning services, purification, filtration, and a number of other options to keep your air clean.

Installing and Replacing Air Filters

Your air filters constantly work to keep your air clean, requiring regular changing.

If you don’t have air filters or don’t want to manage them yourself, our air filter services are perfect for scheduling installation or regular replacement appointments.

Air Quality FAQs

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We sure do get tons of questions, and we understand why they come up a lot. So, we’ve compiled the most common air quality questions that we get at Aire Serv of Murrieta. You’ll find their answers below.

What is air quality?

Air quality is something you can test yourself (or get professional air quality testing) to see if there are pollutants in your home or workplace. There’s an official EPA rating scale; if your rating is below 50, you’re in good shape.

Why is indoor air quality important?

Knowing the air quality rating is important as it can help identify unseen or otherwise undetected issues in your air that can negatively impact your health, ranging from mild issues like irritating your nose to major issues like triggering asthma attacks.

How to test air quality in your home?

You can perform an in-home air test on your own. It will identify significant problems. You can also get air quality testing services that remove any uncertainty or ambiguity.

How to improve indoor air quality?

If your indoor air quality does need some help, you can do a few easy things to improve the rating—opening windows, changing air filters, and indoor plants, or even running your air purifier.

You can get air quality services to ensure good outcomes when that's not enough. To request an appointment or to help with answers to potential questions, call us today.

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