Heating & Furnace Repair Services in Duluth

Heater Repairs & Replacements in Duluth and the Surrounding Areas

Hot water and a warm home are crucial for your year-round comfort and peace of mind. As a home or business owner, you have enough responsibilities without having to worry about the vital functions of your heating systems. When you call a Duluth heater repair technician, you need to be able to trust both their skills and their integrity.

At Aire Serv of Northeastern Minnesota, our Duluth HVAC technicians are fully prepared to provide your home with top-notch heater repair and installation services as well as exceptional customer service. When we enter your home, we treat both your property and your loved ones with the respect they deserve, and we apply the same level of care to your heating system as we would our own.

What do you do if your furnace isn't heating up?

Duluth homeowners understand just how reliant we can become on our furnaces when the winter months roll around. If your furnace isn't heating when you need it most there are a few steps you can take to try and determine the issue your system is having.

1. Check and change your furnace's air filter if it is dirty

A dirty filter can cause your furnace to reduce the amount of hot air it blows and it can ultimately cause your furnace to shut down completely. You should check your furnace's filter once every 1-3 months to avoid any issues.

2. Check your thermostat

Sometimes your thermostat will be set to "cool" instead of "heat" mistakenly, be sure it is set to the "heat" or "automatic" setting. Check the thermostats batteries as well and try replacing them.

3. Call Aire Serv of Northeastern Minnesota

If you're still unsure why your furnace isn't heating up, give Aire Serv of Northeastern Minnesota a call. Our team in Duluth and the surrounding areas is available 24/7 for emergency HVAC services or you can schedule an appointment for furnace repairs in Duluth with us online.

Call (218) 451-4055 for furnace or heating repairs in Duluth, MN.

Services You Can Trust

Since 1992, Aire Serv has raised the standard of HVAC services and developed a reputation for excellence in everything we do. Now, with more than 200 locations throughout the country, we are fully equipped with the skills, resources, and rigorous training needed to handle any problem we encounter and earn 100% customer satisfaction along the way.

Get in touch with our team of technicians if you need any of the following services:

  • Furnace Maintenance. Take advantage of our Total Comfort Furnace Tune-Up to give your furnace the annual care it needs. From safety to long-term efficiency, the benefits of regular maintenance are invaluable.
  • Furnace Repair. Our customers call us for all sorts of reasons. From strange noises to complete malfunction, furnace issues can be enormously frustrating. Call us right away so we can keep your home safe and warm for years to come.
  • Furnace Replacement. Knowing whether to continue spending money on furnace repairs or schedule a complete replacement may be difficult. We will help you determine which option will save you the most money and provide you the best return on your investment.
  • Heater Maintenance. As with furnaces, yearly maintenance of any type of heater will help you save money from avoidable repairs and keep your heater functioning properly for years. We can inspect every element of your heater each year to ensure your system receives the care it needs.
  • Heater Repair. Strange noises, rising heating bills, and yellow gas burner flames are just a few signs your heater may need repair services. We will do everything we can to restore your heater as quickly as possible.
  • Heater Replacement. Even a well-maintained heater will need replacement after years of use. While purchasing and installing a new heater may seem costly, the money you will save due to advanced levels of efficiency will offset the price of this investment.
  • Heat Pumps. Heat pumps extract heat from your home in the hotter months and pump warm air into your home during the winter. We will assess your home and long-term goals to help you decide whether a heat pump is right for you.
  • Boilers. If you have a home without ductwork, you may benefit from a gas, oil, or electric boiler. Property owners with radiant floor systems often enjoy this type of heater because of its quiet yet efficient power.
  • Radiator Heating Systems. While first invented in the 1800s, radiators today are highly efficient and require minimal maintenance. We can help you decide between steam-heat, hot water, and electric radiator heaters by assessing your unique home layout and heating needs.

When you install a new heating system, you will have many choices. Because we provide every technician on our team with continuous training in the latest heating technologies, we will be able to answer any question you have and help you find the best possible solution for your home.

Why Choose Aire Serv?

When you need heater or furnace repair in Duluth how will you know which HVAC team is best for you? We will let our previous customers answer that question for you. You can also browse through pictures of our team and our work in our Photo Gallery. Because our mission is to provide high-quality heater services for everyone in the community, we offer upfront, reasonable pricing and an advantage plan with unbeatable discounts.

See for yourself why Duluth trusts Aire Serv. Request an appointment or call us with your questions at (218) 451-4055 today.

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