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Heating Repair in Cloquet, MN

Going without a heater in a Cloquet winter can be dangerous. With average winter lows at 1 degree, we want to help you repair your heating as soon as possible to keep you warm and safe from winter blizzards.

When you're looking for reliable heating repair in Cloquet, MN, turn to Aire Serv of Northeastern Minnesota. We can maintain your furnace or provide annual maintenance. Our technicians are clean and professional, and we can be available on your schedule, 24/7.Minnesota Winter

When you work with us, it's the same price regardless of the time or day of your service. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, so our team is trained to work with most heating and cooling units. When you've encountered a problem, you can turn to us for a wide variety of furnace repairs, such as:

  • Fixing a pilot light
  • Stopping strange noises
  • Fixing a failing motor
  • Returning power to the furnace
  • Fixing no ignitions
  • Fixing main burner problems

For furnace repair in Cloquet today, call us at (218) 451-4055 or contact us online to request an appointment.

Signs You Might Need Furnace Repair in Cloquet

It’s not always obvious when your furnace needs repair. Sometimes a heating unit will still provide heat, but it won’t work as efficiently as it could. Some signs that your furnace might not be working at 100% include the following:

  • You notice strange smells coming from the furnace that don’t disappear over time.
  • It’s hard to start your furnace.
  • Your furnace provides heat, but not enough to warm your home or business as it should.
  • You notice your furnace making strange noises it never made before.
  • There is more dust and other debris floating in the air than normal.
  • Your furnace causes its carbon-monoxide detector to go off.
  • Your heating bills are higher than normal.
  • The color of the gas burner flame is yellow.

Carbon Monoxide Issues

If your carbon-monoxide detector is going off, it’s time to turn off your furnace immediately and open some windows to ventilate your home or business. Consult your gas company or contact us to help determine the origin of the gas leak. Our home furnace repair technicians in Cloquet are available to take your call 24/7 for your furnace emergency.

Should I Repair or Replace My Heater?

Our heating repair technicians in Cloquet can take a look at your current heating system and give you an honest opinion about the state of your unit. If your furnace is reparable, we will give you a flat rate estimate on how much it will cost to fix the furnace. However, if it’s more expensive to fix the heater, you might want to consider replacing it.

The problem with older furnaces is that the cost of continually repairing them could be more expensive in the long run than buying a new unit. Modern furnaces tend to be more energy-efficient, and regular maintenance of your new unit will save you money by preventing potential issues that could cause an emergency furnace repair need in the future.

If you’re considering replacing your unit, you should consider the age of your unit, how it’s currently working, how expensive your energy bills are becoming, and the comfort level it provides. A struggling heater can be difficult to deal with, especially if it breaks down often. Replacing your unit will help reduce your monthly heating bill and increase the comfort level of your home or business.

If you decide to replace your furnace, our heating contractors can help you determine what type of unit might be best. Aire Serv of Northeastern Minnesota is familiar with oil furnaces, electric furnaces, and gas furnaces, so we’ve got you covered, whatever you decide.

Furnace Maintenance 101

Furnace MaintenanceOnce your new unit is installed or your old unit is fixed, we highly recommend you get your furnace checked at least once a year, if you haven’t been doing that already. Annual furnace maintenance with Aire Serv includes a thorough diagnostic to identify common furnace issues. Our heating repair technician will check your current unit for age, repair frequency, energy efficiency, and overall comfort of your home or business. Additionally, our maintenance services include a Total Comfort furnace tune-up, which includes the following:

  • Professional cleaning
  • Adjustment of controls
  • A complete safety check
  • Inspection of all furnace components

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