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  • “Joe Garcia, Installer and Mark installed a complete system for me-furnace and AC units. They did an absolutely fantastic job ! Joe thoroughly explained everything to me and kept me up to day through the entire process. The only problem that occurred which involved Joe's Garcia's helper-also named Joe was totally inept in attempting to start the AC process on on 12/12/16. In addition Joe, the helper ruined part of my granite pebble and flagstone walkway near the AC unit outside which was put in by ABC Landscaping last October. I have been a customer of Air Serv for more than ten years and they can always be counted on. They are extremely knowledgeable . And they never try to up-sell you unless the recommendation is critical. This philosophy is very rare in this industry. Mary Leslie”

    Mary Leslie , San Antonio, TX

  • “Ryan from Aire Serv came out did an amazing job! Another company came out 2 days prior and they ignored every concern I had. Not only did they try to charge me a large amount of money for what they said needed to be done but I had also found them being dishonest on several different occasions. Needless to say my overall experience with them was not a good one and I wanted a second opinion. Ryan came out, introduced himself, double checked everything and found out what was wrong. He said the reason for all of trouble was simply due to the fact that the condensate line needed to be cleaned out. A simple $89 charge compared to the several hundred dollars the other company wanted to charge me! I was very impressed by Ryan’s honesty and professionalism! Not only did I have a technician out who knew exactly what he was doing but I was just blown away when I spoke with Matt and he offered to pay to have my family and I stay at a hotel for the time being to escape the heat in our home! He also found out that I had a 10 year warranty for my unit which I had no prior knowledge of. I was amazed how Aire Serv went out of their way to help us in our situation! They not only were able to fix the issue, but they were able to give me a peace of mind! I know I will be asking for Ryan by name when I need my ac unit serviced.”

    Erik , Schertz, TX

  • “They did phenomenal! Excellent job! I appreciated everything they did.”

    Stephanie H , San Antonio, TX

  • “Julio was all business when he came out to help with our ac. He was very professional, explained things really well and was very clear. He even put his booties ono before he came in and he went straight to work. He came out on time, recharged the system and explained everything that was going on. I was amazed on how fast he worked. Even more so, how he was considerate enough to clean up after himself when he was finished with the job. What I appreciated even more is that he was out there on Labor Day and Labor day weekend to finish up what needed to be done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aire Serv! These guys get 5 stars for sure!”

    Jim E , Canyon Lake, TX

  • “We had our fan motor go out recently so we called Aire Serv, immediately they sent out their technician Julio and he came out checked our furnace and conducted tests. He was very kind and very very helpful. He found out that our parts were under warranty so that was a huge relief to us. He explained what the issue was, offered a solution, and more importantly gave us options on how to handle it. I would definitely recommend Aire Serv because of how good their response time was, even though it was Labor Day weekend! We are very satisfied because now everything is fixed and working as it should. I also really liked how they sent their invoices electronically, so anytime I need to refer them I can easily access their information from the convenience of my phone. We’re very satisfied!”

    Luis , Buda, TX

  • “The experience I had with the technician was well. He was very polite and helpful. It’s very likely I would recommend Aire Serv because of their promptness. I give them 4 stars for customer satisfaction.”

    Cynthia B. , Buda, TX

  • “I had the guys of Aire Serv out recently to install my new unit and everything went great! The technicians were very very helpful and the main installer, I believe his name was Joe, was fantastic! He knew what he was doing and was very easy to talk to! Everything is working great now and I have no complaints at all! These guys were great! I give them 5 stars!””

    Rudy H. , Driftwood, TX

  • “I highly recommend Aire Serv of the River Cities. They’re professional, prompt and courteous. They do business in a no-nonsense way and they talk straight with you. We had a certain technician, Ryan, out to our home several times and he was just great. He called with the estimated time of arrival, he was there when he said he’d be there, he came out and did what he had to do. These guys are 5 stars for customer satisfaction.”

    Michael , San Antonio, TX

  • “We are pretty happy with our experience with Aire Serv. The technician came out and did a great job! He was honest and good. We will definitely use these guys again. They’re good stuff!”

    Leslie , San Antonio, TX

  • “I’ve done business in the past with Aire Serv and they’re great! Their service is prompt and their guys have had the parts on hand both times I’ve had to call them out and they got the job done quickly! I give them 5 stars.”

    Kory C , Lockhart, TX

  • “I was totally impressed on how nice the technician was when he was called out at 10 pm to come and service my ac unit! I knew his commute was a bit of a drive by what he was telling me but he was willing to help and was enthusiastic. He not only immediately saw what the issue was and fixed it but he also thoroughly checked my unit and everything else while he was out. He was very good at explaining what the issue was when I asked. I gladly rate Aire Serv 5 stars for performance! When they come they have their uniform on with their name tag so you know who they are, they are clean, personable, and they speak your language. When they come over it’s almost it’s like your friend coming over. You can tell they enjoy doing their job and helping you out!”

    Rebecca B , New Braunfels, TX

  • “Aire Serv is always very pleasant. The office even called to let me know when the technician was in San Antonio and what time he was expected to be at my home. I appreciate how the technician put on his booties before he came into my home to go upstairs and work. He was great to work with and I would be very happy to refer them to anyone!”

    Mike , San Antonio, TX

  • “Julio was awesome. He worked hard to find and fix the problem. His performance was above and beyond and I’m very happy with his and Aire Serv’s services!”

    Martha C , New Braunfels, TX

  • “Initially I had a bad experience with Aire Serv and felt a bit taken advantage of. I know they’ve recently had management and staff changes and I have to say I have been very happy with their business and services since. Every time we’ve called they’ve gotten someone over quickly, typically within the same, if not the next day. The technicians that come out are always very nice and informative. The change has been very pleasant. We are in the process of building and I know we’ll definitely be sticking with Aire Serv.”

    Ben F , Wimberly, TX

  • “We called out Aire Serv to help us with our ac and everything has been working great since. It’s been a huge relief especially in this August weather in Texas!”

    Dale C , New Braunfels, TX

  • “Since Aire Serv has been out my ac has been 100x’s better! The company was quick to respond and very informative. Even though the tech who came out was quite young, he was very knowledgeable and looked like he had the will and drive to learn. He took the time to explain things, which I greatly valued since I’ve had some not so great experiences with other HVAC companies in the past. Aire Serv and their guys were without a doubt trustworthy. I was very pleased with the great experience I’ve had with them and I will definitely use them again in the future!”

    Julian M , New Braunfels, TX

  • “For the past three months I have unsuccessfully dealt with AC issues at our home. I mention this as a backdrop to to illustrate my state of frustration late yesterday morning when I contacted Aire Serv out of desperation. Aire Serv helped me escape the bind I was in through their professionalism, flexibility, thoroughness, and quality of workmanship at the installation site. Ryan Schultz provided the inital inspection and installation work this morning, along with Joe Ryan and both are great representatives of the company. The scheduling staff, Samantha and Cassie (sp.) were easy to work with and demonstrated a strong sense of urgency to help me solve our problems. Everyone delivered EXACTLY what they said they would. I am now participating in the Advantage Program for as long as I own our home, and I will be recommending you to others. Thank you for being in San Antonio!”

    Mike G , San Antonio, TX

  • “Have depended on this fine company for several years. Excellent, professional service!”

    Patrick Miller , New Braunfels, TX

  • “We sealed the deal on Monday for my new unit and they were out here ready to install the very next day. They responded quickly and efficiently! Everyone was first class and everything I asked for, I got. Everything I dealt with from the customer service over the phone, to the meeting, the install, and interaction with everyone was what I expected and more.”

    Leland B , San Marcos, TX

  • “The two technicians from Aire Serv who came out to install my new ac were so nice and very polite. They worked their butts off and were here until dark to finish the job. At one point I actually had to force them to drink water because of how hard they were working. What I really appreciated is the fact that when they were finished with the job, they cleaned everything up nicely and didn’t leave my home messy. Their level of professionalism was stellar! Aire Serv is the only company we use!”

    Kendall J , San Antonio, TX

  • ““The technician did a very very very nice job and was very courteous. He went over everything thoroughly before he worked on it.””

    Gerald L , New Braunfels, TX

  • “My ac has been working great since Aire Serv was last out. The tech was very good and had good suggestions. I’ll be sure to use Aire Serv again if my unit needs service again.”

    Wes M , Cibolo, TX

  • “Aire Serv is always consistent and professional. They’re always come out quick and are courteous! Best of all they’re affordable. I actually looked at the local competitor’s prices and was relieved to know I was with the best company who offered the fairest prices and wasn’t getting robbed of my hard earned money!”

    Lisa A , San Marcos, TX

  • “I appreciate how the guys at Aire Serv come out and make the drive to my home to service my ac. They’re always professional and friendly!”

    Baron W , San Antonio, TX

  • “My experience with Aire Serv was great! The technician went over and beyond to help and they provide true quality service. I’d rather have quality service with Aire Serv versus going with anyone else and getting lower level of service.”

    Mike G , San Marcos, TX

  • “Both experiences with the office staff and technicians were great. Samantha quickly set up the appointment when I called in and the technician was great and thorough. I’ve used Aire Serv for a few years now and have loved my experience with them. I recommend them!”

    Gene C , New Braunfels, TX

  • “Service was wonderful. The technician was a very nice young man. He was just precious. I’ve already recommended Aire Serv to everyone I know. I give them a 10 for performance. Everything was excellent!”

    Belinda B , San Marcos, TX

  • “Great company! Had a serious problem with my cooling coil. Aire Serv arrived on time. Cost was up front and fair. Very prompt, courteous and conscientious! We did have a few issues during the repair and each time, Aire Serv stepped up and took care of the problem. I would suggest Joe G. Garcia for your tech. Liked the company so much, we signed up for the yearly service plan. Leaps and bounds better than most HVAC companies out there!”

    David J. , Buda

  • “Even though we live in Houston and we only come down on occasion for our rental condos in the Central Texas area we always have a great experience with Aire Serv. We’ve had the same technician out multiple times and every time he is out he does a great job! We’re glad to know our place is in good hands with Aire Serv.”

    Joanne D , San Marcos, TX

  • “They came out to change the capacitor when my unit wasn’t cooling and it’s been cooling fine since. The representative was just great! He was cordial, polite, professional, and seemed capable of doing the job. 5 stars for performance!”

    Donna M , New Braunfels, TX

  • “The guy who came out was very polite and professional. He was very nice and did a great job! I was very satisfied with my experience with Aire Serv and I would highly recommend them.”

    Barbara K , New Braunfels, TX

  • “Tech was super great. He was knowledgeable. Clean. Efficient and timely. I was super happy with Aire Serv’s performance.”

    Jennifer S , New Braunfels, TX

  • “The tech who came out was super friendly. I was running a little behind to get home but he waited for almost 10 minutes to get there. He was able to answer any questions I had and he was upfront and honest. He made recommendations to replace some parts that needed replacing and probably wouldn’t last too much longer on. It’s very likely I’d recommend Aire Serv, I give them 5 out of 5 stars!”

    Jonathan M , Live Oak, TX

  • “It’s my second time calling Aire Serv and everyone I’ve spoken to from Aire Serv is always exceptional! I’ve never worked with anyone else who was as professional as them. The first time I had a technician come out he was wonderful, I was so comfortable and relieved when I saw the same exact technician at my door step for the second time! I believe he said his name was Joe Ryan. He was so informative, very professional, and courteous. He was prompt and by the time he left my ac was working and cooling great. They were right on point and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! I’ll be asking for Joe Ryan by name.”

    Jennifer J , Dale, TX

  • “The guys at Aire Serv are very professional, timely, and courteous. Julio explained everything he could and was very thorough. Anything he found wrong, he fixed and let us know, we really appreciated feeling in the loop. I was very pleased with my experience with them overall. I’ve already recommended them and will continue to do so.”

    Joe G , Buda, TX

  • “The technician was very thorough in looking over the unit and I was very satisfied with their performance and customer service. Overall a very good experience.”

    John M , San Marcos, TX

  • “I had a great experience with Aire Serv! I was very impressed with their level of customer service. Their technician, Joe Ryan, was very knowledgeable and knew the business. He did a great job. I was very delighted and will continue to request him by name in the future. I would recommend them in a flip of a minute!”

    Bill A. , New Braunfels, TX

  • “It’s very likely that I would recommend Aire Serv of the River Cities, they’re always very professional. The technician who came out even put on booties before coming in my home! He quickly took care of the problem and now everything’s working as it should. He did great!”

    Rodney S , Canyon Lake, TX

  • “The guys at Aire Serv are reliable and trustworthy. My ac wasn't cooling as it should so I called up the guys, unfortunately no one could be home at the time but the tech still came out and took care of the issue. It's been working well ever since. We've been very satisfied with our experience with Aire Serv of Victoria.”

    Mark B

  • “5 stars! I was due for my seasonal tune up and was amazed on how they had someone out to my house the very next day! They’re very professional and friendly! Every time I have an experience with them it’s always great and I have no complaints what so ever. I would definitely recommend them!”

    Cary , New Braunfels, TX

  • “I had Julio out to come and check on a leak I had and was very frustrated at the matter since every company I’ve called out have either overlooked the whole situation or simply wanted to just charge me for a new unit. Julio took the time to listen to every concern I had and instead of just replacing it with refrigerant, [like the others did] he actually thoroughly evaluated the unit and found the reason for the leak which was in our attack and leaking into our kitchen! After telling me what steps needed to be taken to fix the problem (in detail) I felt relieved that someone out there was truly trying to help me. They are definitely 5 out of 5 stars!”

    Robert C , New Braunfels, TX

  • “Tech [Julio] did a great job. He explained everything very well. I was very pleased with my experience with Aire Serv.””

    Steve M , San Marcos

  • “I called in for an emergency situation and the guys were out there fast. I am now cooling off and extremely happy. I was very pleased with the experience I had with Aire Serv.”

    Randy H , San Antonio, TX

  • “I've been with Aire Serv for 7-9 years and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”

    NORMAN D , San Antonio, TX

  • “My experience with Aire Serv of the River Cities has been extremely awesome! They had a technician out just 20 minutes after we had called! The technician, Ryan was great. He was able to fix the problem promptly and had everything up and running in no time. Our customer service experience with them is the reason why we're going to sign up for their advantage plan. We look forward to staying with Aire Serv.”

    Elaine L , SAN ANTONIO, TX

  • “Technician was amazing! He was very helpful and informative. I absolutely recommend Aire Serve.”

    Vanessa M. , New Braunfels, TX

  • “Technician Joe Garcia came late Saturday afternoon within one and a half hours of my call to Aire Serv. He blew out the condensate line blockage quickly and was cheerful and courteous during the entire visit. Excellent service.”

    Gary O. , San Antonio, TX

  • “The office staff and technicians of Aire Serv of The River Cities are always friendly and knowledgeable! The technician who came out, Ryan, was very courteous, he even put on booties when he came inside my home! He was a sweet young man and he tried multiple things to solve the problem at hand. He was informative the entire time. Needless to say he was able to solve the issue. I'd highly recommend them!”

    Cassandra K. , Cibolo, TX

  • “Aire Serv worked on my ac unit a couple days ago and they did great. I tried to change the air filter on my own sometime later but was unable to due to a pipe being in the way. So I decided to give them a call back to see if they could help. I was so pleased on how they sent a technician out that day! The technician moved the pipe and even replaced the air filter for me! I've already referred them to everyone I know!”

    Tina M. , San Marcos, TX

  • “My ac has been cooler since I've called AireServ. Every tech that comes out is always very nice and informative. I recommend them to everyone I know!”

    Elizabeth C. , Universal City, TX

  • “Had Julio out, was very good at explaining everything to me. Talked me over the whole entire process! Very good at what he does. The whole Aire Serv gang is awesome and very friendly and has always been on time to work on my unit!”

    Price Hale , San Antonio, TX

  • “Since I had my new system installed I have not had one bill that has been more than last year at the same time of year. It is awesome to have a system installed that actually helps pay for itself. Awesome company and has been a pleasure working with them. If you need a system get it here.”

    Brad S.

  • “Courteous, knowledgeable service person who had actually been here previously--& who came on a Sunday afternoon--unheard of! And did a full seasonal inspection when it turned out that a contractor had turned off the furnace during my kitchen update & for a reasonable price. What's not to love!”

    Gayle R.

  • “Serviceman was very helpful and his attitude was friendly. He installed filters which was optional and which we appreciated.”

    Richard S.

  • “I have been using Aire Serv for 5 years now and have never once had an issue with them. The tech's i have had are very thorough with checking over the system. They will always tell me anything that needs to be repaired before doing the repairs. I also have an advantage plan with them where they come out and check over the system to make sure i am good for the season! They are a very reliable A/C Company!”

    Emily R.

  • “Aire Serv of the River cities is the best AC Company in this area. The staff are well qualified, prompt and have integrity. I appreciate how they go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied!”

    Tim R.

  • “Aire Serv provides exceptional customer service! They are quick to respond, priced fairly and very customer-oriented. I recommend them!”

    Janice H.