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The air quality in your Kankakee home matters to everyone who lives there. It’s important to have clean air that won’t cause respiratory problems or other health issues. Aire Serv® of Kankakee offers a full range of air quality services that can help your indoor air to be cleaner and healthier for everyone. We also offer the Neighborly Done Right Promise. This promise is our commitment to you that our work will meet or exceed your expectations. If we don't do it right the first time, we will come back and get it right, no extra charge.

Air Purification Services

One of the best ways to get your indoor air clean is to use an air purifier. When you want a small model, we can help recommend good units to use at home. When you want a larger unit, we can install it for you. These clean the air throughout the entire home for better quality air. 
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Indoor Air Quality Services

Along with installing air purifiers, we also offer a range of other services to help you have cleaner air. We do air quality testing, clean debris out of air ducts, replace air filters, treat air ducts with UV light, and more. We can even install a dehumidifier to clean up the air.

Installing and Replacing Air Filters

Part of taking care of your indoor air quality is to make sure your air filters get changed. We change air filters and can install HEPA filters for fine filtering of the air. When filters get old and dirty, they aren’t effective at filtering the air anymore. With a new filter, you get better air quality.

Air Quality FAQs

Do you have questions about our services? We have answers right here to many of the common questions we get. Whether you wonder what air quality is or wonder how we can help with it, we have the answers you’re looking for. If you have more questions, just call Aire Serv.

What is air quality?

Air quality is all about the level of contaminants in the air. We do indoor air quality testing to find out just how clean or contaminated your air is. asv technician discussing with customer

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

When you breathe in poor-quality air, it can be bad for your health. It can give people respiratory problems and aggravate conditions such as asthma.

How to test air quality in your home?

When you want to know your air quality, we offer effective air quality testing services. We can tell you what’s in your air and how much of it is there.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Getting better air quality can be done in a number of ways such as installing a purifier and cleaning out air ducts.
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