Duct Cleaning in Pasadena and the Surrounding Areas

Are your monthly energy bills higher than usual? Do you or your family members experience unexplained sneezing or flu-like symptoms? These signs indicate that you may need residential or commercial duct cleaning. Your HVAC system distributes heated and cooled air through a branching duct system, and when dirty pollutants circulate, it can cause health problems and high utility bills. Aire Serv of Pasadena offers thorough duct cleaning services to remove clogged dirt, dust, animal droppings, and other particles, providing fresh and clean air to Altadena, Arcadia, La Canada Flintridge, Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, and the surrounding areas.

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Why Are My Ducts Clogged?

Over time, your ductwork accumulates dirt, dust, and other particles, which can clog your airflow and lead to poor indoor air quality. This forces your HVAC system to work harder, resulting in inefficient heating and cooling, leading to higher energy bills. Additionally, clogged ducts can circulate harmful particles, causing health issues like headaches, flu, and nausea, especially for vulnerable individuals such as the immunocompromised, elderly, and young children. To address these problems, schedule an air duct cleaning with Aire Serv today to protect your health and lower monthly spending rates.

What a Duct Cleaning Entails

To provide top-notch air duct cleaning service, our highly skilled professionals will begin by thoroughly examining your ducts for signs of damage or potential animal nests. As rodents like rats often make their nests within duct systems, we keep a vigilant eye for any evidence of animal activity during the inspection. Following the inspection, we use a negative-pressure vacuum to thoroughly remove debris from your ducts, purifying your airflow from pollutants. Tougher traces of dust and dirt are successfully dislodged using revolving brushes and air-whipping tools. Additionally, we clean your HVAC systems and replace or clean air filters if necessary. Our dedicated professionals are always available to address your questions, ensuring you remain fully informed about the condition of your HVAC system.

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How Often Should I Schedule A Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning is generally recommended every three to five years, but various factors can affect this duration. If you've moved into a new home, live with a smoker, have pets that shed a lot, or have underlying health conditions, you may need more frequent cleanings. Following an air duct cleaning, if we discover any issues such as cracks, tears, or loose components, additional ductwork services like air duct repair and replacement may be necessary. To ensure the air quality of your home, book an appointment with our professionals today. Our experienced HVAC professionals will quickly complete the air duct cleaning service, leaving you with fresh and clean air ducts.

HVAC Services We Provide

Beyond air duct cleaning, Aire Serv of Pasadena offers a wide range of HVAC assistance. Contact us for AC repair, heat pump installation, heater services, and more. Our courteous professionals arrive on time and are eager to help. Our goal is to improve your home's comfort, giving you peace of mind after a job well done.

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