After years of use, your air conditioner will eventually lose its efficiency and become old and outdated. Adjust to this change by scheduling an air conditioner replacement appointment with Aire Serv of Suwanee. Our team of service professionals can walk you through your options, finding the perfect fit for your home. After weighing the pros and cons of each air conditioning unit, we can install your new system with precision, allowing you to stay cool in the months to come.

Suwanee, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, and Duluth can become quite hot in the summer. A brand-new air conditioning system is just the trick for keeping your home cool. Contact Aire Serv of Suwanee and set up an AC replacement appointment today. Our team is here to maximize your comfort.

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AC Replacement vs. Repair

When you find yourself debating between replacing or repairing your AC system, the experts at Aire Serv of Suwanee can provide some excellent tips. We recommend asking yourself the following questions:

How old is the AC unit?

If your unit is ten years or older, its efficiency levels are sure to drop. Place yourself in better hands by installing a new air conditioning unit. Not only will your AC run smoother, but you can save your cooling system from a complete breakdown. Be proactive in keeping up with your HVAC system's health. Call Aire Serv of Suwanee today!

Have the costs of repairs risen?

As an air conditioning unit becomes outdated, it will require increasingly expensive repairs. Record the costs of your recent AC repairs. If they have risen exponentially, this is a sign that they will continue to drain your wallet. If the cost of maintenance and repairs has become almost half the price of your initial unit, it will be a better investment to purchase an AC replacement.

Is your AC unit frequently requiring maintenance?

A worn-out air conditioner will send you signs that it is in the last few years of its life. If you struggle with breakdowns and repairs, an AC replacement could save you time, energy, and stress.

H3 - How efficient is your current system?

Most importantly, consider the overall comfort of your home. If your air conditioning is spotty, takes a long time to cool rooms, or barely works, you will be better off with an AC replacement. Aire Serv of Suwanee is here to provide air conditioner replacement, maintaining your comfort in the process. Contact us today for scheduling.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

When selecting a suitable unit for your home, there are many different types to consider.

  • Split system and package ACs - These units are the most standard and can be found in many Suwanee homes.
  • Ductless mini-splits - For homes without pre-existing ductwork, ductless mini-split AC units are an excellent fit.
  • Portable, window, and wall units - With a portable AC unit, you can cool individual rooms in your home. Keep each room at the perfect temperature, thanks to their individualized settings.
  • Evaporative coolers - These AC units are also referred to as swamp coolers and can remove heat by using evaporation.

Contact our team for air conditioner replacement. We will help you feel confident about your decision, selecting a unit that is perfect for your home.

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