HVAC Service to Keep You Cool

When you come to Aire Serv of Suwanee for AC replacement, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re not going to be badgered by a pushy salesperson. Instead, our professionals take the time to understand your needs and preferences before presenting you with realistic solution options.

We’ll guide you through the process as you choose from the various efficiency, size, and types of systems available. Once you’ve made an educated decision, we will properly install your new unit and offer tips for maintaining the lifespan of your investment.

Signs That Indicate You Should Replace Your AC

Is it time to replace your air conditioner?

Here are some of the most common signs:

    • Your unit is 10+ years old
    • Your AC is breaking down more frequently than working
    • Your home doesn’t stay consistently cool
    • Your energy bills are going up without using more AC
    • Your unit uses R-22 Freon, which the government started restricting in 2020

    We also see that homeowners choose to upgrade their current system for one that offers more control for heating, cooling, and energy efficiency. New air conditioners use R-410A refrigerant, which is an eco-friendly alternative to R-22 refrigerant (or Freon). They are also required to have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 13 or higher. Typically, your dated AC accounts for more than 50% of your energy bills in the summer, which means that you could cut your monthly cooling bills by nearly one-third. You’ll enjoy an improvement in the comfort of your home, with consistent temperatures and faster cooling times.

    Choosing an Air Conditioner

    There are several types of AC systems available, all with their own benefits. A quick search may have you feeling overwhelmed about your options. If you’re unsure which is best for your home, our friendly team can help you make the best decision.

    The different air conditioners include:

    Split System & Package ACs – These are often called central AC units. They use your home’s ductwork to distribute air throughout every room.

    Ductless Mini-Splits – If you’re adding a new section to your property or don’t have ductwork, these are cost-effective means of cooling rooms or zones.

    Portable, Window & Wall Units – Cool one or two rooms at a time, these units are a great option for those who don’t run AC as often.

    Evaporative Coolers – Not as widely popular in Suwanee, evaporative coolers are best for dry climates as they remove heat from the air.

    An energy-efficient model for any AC unit is a beneficial option. Your wallet will be fuller with lower monthly bills, and your home will have a lower carbon footprint due to reducing emissions. It’s a win-win!

    If you’re eager to upgrade your system and enjoy all the benefits that come with it, the professionals at Aire Serv are ready to help. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide recommendations for your specific situation along with a free in-home estimate on your services.

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