Air Conditioner Maintenance

Spring and summer in Georgia bring hot days, so you do not want to be left in your home without proper air conditioning! Aire Serv of Suwanee provides air conditioner maintenance to keep your unit operating smoothly, even if it has been sitting unused for months. We service Suwanee, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, and the neighboring cities. We recognize that being without cool air on a hot day can quickly become an emergency, and we work with you to ensure you will have fresh, cold air when warm weather arrives.

Types of Air Conditioner Units

Depending on the size and age of your residence, your home may have different types of air conditioning units. Aire Serv of Suwanee performs AC maintenance most commonly on the following systems:

  • Split systems - These systems have an outside unit that holds the compressor and condenser and an inside unit that pushes the air through the house’s ductwork once it is cooled. Split systems are popular for efficiently heating large spaces.
  • Ductless split systems - These systems have units both inside and outside the home and do not require a duct system to pass air throughout rooms. Traditionally, individual units are installed in each room and are connected with tubing. These are designed to cool smaller spaces.
  • Packaged air conditioners - These systems have every part of the air conditioner system in one unit, installed outside your home. Like the split system, cooled air travels through your house via ductwork. Because these units do not take up space inside the home, they are an excellent solution for houses without attics or basements.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance will give you peace of mind that your air conditioner will run smoothly when you need it most by reducing the likelihood that your AC unit will break or need repairs. A well-maintained air conditioner increases the energy efficiency of your unit, saving you money down the line and making your home more eco-friendly.

Aire Serv of Suwanee knows you value your family’s health and comfort above all else, which is why we recommend AC maintenance yearly. Not only will maintenance increase the quality of your unit, but it will help your family stay safe by increasing the indoor air quality of your home and preventing the introduction of harmful pollutants into your environment.

Signs Your AC Unit Needs Professional Maintenance

  • Your cooling costs are increasing
  • Your AC unit is not cooling
  • Your air conditioner is turning on more frequently than usual
  • It is unusually humid in your home
  • Unpleasant odors are coming from your AC system
  • You hear buzzing, grinding, or other unusual noises coming from the unit
  • There are leaks in or around your AC system.

Although there may be other solutions to fixing these problems, such as installing a dehumidifier, Aire Serv of Suwanee recommends immediate AC maintenance service in order to prevent emergencies.

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How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running

You can help your air conditioning system function best by performing some of your own basic AC maintenance. Ways to prevent the breakdown of your unit include:

  • Keeping the area around the unit clear of debris and plants
  • Cleaning parts such as the condenser fan and evaporator coils yearly
  • Checking and replacing the air filter routinely
  • Inspecting the unit for rust
  • Ensuring the condensate drain is not clogged

These suggestions will help your system last longer, but it is still recommended that you schedule professional maintenance with Aire Serv of Suwanee for more technical issues. Our experts know what to look for and how to perform any repairs safely. HVAC professionals can also assist with duct cleaning services to further increase the efficiency of your cooling system.

Services provided by Aire Serv around Suwanee, Georgia

For full-service air conditioner maintenance, turn to the professionals at Aire Serv of Suwanee. We recommend having an Aire Serv Total Comfort Tune-Up scheduled annually to have our technician thoroughly inspect the unit, complete a thorough cleaning, and ensure no repairs are needed. We have the knowledge to handle more challenging AC maintenance essentials such as checking electrical connections and properly lubricating motors and bearings. If your air conditioner needs service beyond maintenance, Aire Serv of Suwanee provides air conditioner repair, replacement, and installation.

We offer upfront pricing so you are not left with a huge bill or overtime charges, and we work with your busy schedule to get you relief when you need it. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business. Residential and commercial areas trust us for their HVAC service needs.

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