Furnace Replacement in the Shenandoah Valley

When you notice your furnace becoming worn out, it’s time to consider a replacement! Aire Serv of the Shenandoah Valley offers replacement service to residents of Cross Junction, Front Royal, Strasburg, Stephens City, Berryville, and the surrounding areas. Our HVAC experts will quickly replace your system, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a brand-new, efficient furnace.

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Is it Time for a Furnace Replacement?

It is normal for a furnace to become worn down over time. If your furnace is ten years or older and used frequently, it should be expected. Use tips from our service professionals to learn how to notice signs of wear and tear.

Age - If you find yourself considering a furnace replacement, check on the age of your furnace. If it is ten years or older, it’s due to be replaced. Reward yourself with a brand-new unit that runs smoothly. Our professionals can replace your system with ease.

Frequent Repairs - Is your furnace constantly needing repair? Outdated units will require more maintenance and care, gradually causing you to lose time, money, and energy. Reduce the number of repair appointments with a system that works as promised.

Rising Energy Bills - An aging system will run less smoothly, leading to an uptick in monthly energy bills. When you notice an unusual rise in your billing, it could be a sign to replace your heater. Furnace replacement is always a solution in lowering your energy bills.

Comfort - A furnace is meant to keep your home warm and comfortable. When you notice incorrect temperatures, cold air, or a failure to heat your home evenly, your heating system fails to meet your needs. In the case of these events, purchasing a new heater (furnace replacement,) will be the best idea for you in the long run.

Types of Units

Natural Gas - Natural gas systems are by far the most common type of furnace within residential homes. Their speed, efficiency, and inexpensive fuel make them a great option.

Oil - Oil furnaces are rapidly becoming harder to find but are more dependable and environmentally friendly than natural gas units.

Electric - Electric units are the least expensive option when it comes to furnace installation and the unit’s initial price. Since they run on electricity, they can lead to costly monthly bills and take longer to heat a space. The energy efficiency of heat pumps for this is one of the most efficient ways to go. Electric systems are recommended for homes located in warmer climates. Consider purchasing a different unit type if your city regularly experiences cool temperatures.

Geothermal - If you’re interested in installing an environmentally conscious unit, a geothermal heater is an excellent option. A geothermal unit will heat your home efficiently with minor environmental damage.

Coal - Heaters that run on coal are usually located in rural areas and are expensive to install but cheaper in the long run. They can be a good unit for a rural home if you don’t mind consistent maintenance.

Mini-Split System - Mini-split systems combine heating and cooling into a single unit. They do not require ductwork and can be installed and bolted directly to your walls. Before installation, take the size of your home into account. A larger home will require multiple units to heat and cool its surface area properly.

Aire Serv of the Shenandoah Valley

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