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Residential Air Conditioner Repair and Replacement Services

When your air conditioner malfunctions on a hot day, our seasoned crew is ready to step in. Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina stands as a reputable air conditioning repair and replacement service in Wilmington, NC. Armed with expertise and agility, our team will swiftly pinpoint the problem and devise an effective resolution. We excel in air conditioning setup, upkeep, and fixing services. If your air conditioner leaves room for improvement, remember to reach out to us.

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Does My AC Need Repairs?

Air conditioning units are pivotal in numerous residences and workplaces, especially during blistering summer months. They help establish a comfortable ambiance by regulating the temperature. Like all machines, air conditioners can break down or decline in performance over their lifespan. It's crucial to recognize the signs that suggest your air conditioner may need repair:

  • Unit failing to emit cold air
  • Absence of electrical power
  • Abnormal noises
  • Water buildup or leakage around the appliance
  • Sudden or unpleasant smells
  • Poor airflow
  • Warm air emanating from supply registers
  • Eccentric starting and stopping

Common Air Conditioner Issues

If your air conditioner isn't cooling your home effectively, there's no cause for panic. Our team offers emergency services to ensure the temperature isn’t unbearable in your home. We're here to help you uncover the issues and deliver the most dependable air conditioner repair solutions. Your AC may not be working at its best due to various typical problems:

Power Problems

If your air conditioner fails to receive power, we'll check for tripped circuit breakers, faulty wiring, or a system that's overheating. Our team can proficiently solve the problem by repairing the wiring, resetting the circuit breaker, and eliminating any obstructions for optimal airflow.

Old Fan Belt

A worn-out fan belt may cause a screeching sound from your AC unit. It's essential to routinely inspect your AC unit for visible signs of deterioration on the fan belt.

Leaking Coolant

A strange hissing sound is often a sign of a coolant leak. Besides affecting your unit's performance, coolant leaks can harm the environment.

Faulty Fan Motor

If your AC's fan fails to distribute air adequately, a fan motor replacement may be called for. Our specialists will thoroughly investigate the fan motor to determine if repair is possible or replacement is necessary.

Clogged Condensate Drain

Debris and residue can easily obstruct your condensate drain, causing inconvenience and potential harm. Our dedicated team can expertly manage this issue by cleaning your unit and applying an algaecide to avoid future blockages.

Inefficient Compressor

If your AC is running, but the atmosphere remains uncomfortable, it could point to a problematic compressor. The compressor is one of the most vital and expensive components of an AC system.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

There are various reasons why evaporator coils could freeze, resulting in hot airflow from the air supply registers. If you experience a frozen evaporator coil, simply switch off your AC unit and contact our team for the necessary repairs.

Should I Repair or Replace My AC?

There are many factors we consider when determining if you need an air conditioner repair or replacement. If your AC unit is over ten years old, we typically recommend investing in a new one. Our team will determine if your repair costs surpass half the costs of a new AC unit. Most newer air conditioner models are more durable and energy efficient than older ones. Our team will guide you on the best AC choice for your cooling requirements.

Reach Out to Us for Air Conditioning Services

Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina is your one-stop solution for all HVAC needs. We offer preventative maintenance services for air conditioners to extend your unit's lifespan. Our regular AC inspections help prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs. We understand the annoyance of a malfunctioning AC on a hot day. Count on us for service proposals and price estimates that assure your comfort. We guarantee our work quality to avoid leaving you helpless in the heat. Contact us now to schedule air conditioner installation, replacement, and repair services.

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