Furnace Replacement in Metairie and Beyond

Metairie, Louisiana and its surrounding cities can experience chilly, windy winters! Stay warm and cozy with a furnace you can rely on.

After years of use, your furnace can break down and lose its efficiency. Aire Serv of Metairie can perform furnace replacement services for Kenner, Metairie, New Orleans, and Elmwood with units designed to keep them warm. Do not hesitate to give our team a call. We will work alongside you to find a unit that best fits your needs. With our team by your side, the cold weather will not stand a chance!

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When to Schedule a Furnace Replacement

A worn-out furnace will slowly demonstrate signs of a low life span. If you suspect that your furnace requires a replacement, Aire Serv of Metairie recommends keeping an eye out for the following signs:

Cost - If your energy bills are steadily rising despite a lack of heat throughout your home, this is a sign that your furnace isn’t working as well as it should. An outdated furnace will have to work harder only to produce lackluster effects. Spend your money wisely and invest in a brand-new heating system.

Efficiency - A furnace that is worn down will not produce the necessary heat, significantly draining your energy bills and failing to keep your home warm. Purchasing a furnace replacement can provide your home with quick, reliable warmth.

Loss of Comfort - Waking up in a freezing room is no fun! If your home has inconsistent heating, takes forever to warm up, or fails to work at all, it is a sign that your furnace is not running as it should. Booking regular repair appointments may not be what your home needs. Instead, schedule a furnace replacement appointment with Aire Serv of Metairie. A brand-new furnace will run efficiently and save you the hassle of constant repairs.

Age - Pay attention to the age of your furnace. If your unit is over ten years old, it is likely due for a replacement.

Energy-Efficient Furnace Replacement Options

Energy-efficient furnace replacements can be an excellent choice to consider when finding a new unit for your home. Energy-efficient models can help lower your monthly energy bills, are highly effective in keeping your home warm, and release fewer carbon emissions. In addition, since they don’t require as many natural resources as other units, they are classified as environmentally friendly. Protect the planet and your loved ones by owning a highly efficient and environmentally friendly unit.

Why Aire Serv of Metairie?

Aire Serv of Metairie offers HVAC services beyond furnace replacement to keep our community's residential homes and commercial businesses safe. If you own a heater, a heat pump, or an air conditioning unit, we provide various services to keep your HVAC units running smoothly. Contact us today for repair, replacement, maintenance, or installation.

On top of heating and cooling, we can perform other services such as duct cleaning, air purification, and thermostat installation. Come to us for all your home and commercial HVAC needs. Our experts can keep you living in comfort.

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