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Discover the power of geothermal heat pumps - a clean and energy-efficient solution for both homeowners and business owners. To ensure optimal performance, trust Aire Serv® of Billings for top-notch repairs and scheduled maintenance services.

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Similar to air source heat pumps that extract heat from the outside air, geothermal heat pumps harness low-level solar heat from the ground or bodies of water to effectively heat and cool your property. At Aire Serv® of Billings, we specialize in installation, repair, and maintenance services for all four major types of geothermal HVAC systems:

  • Horizontal loop
  • Vertical loop
  • Pond/lake
  • Open loop

Installing a Geothermal Heat Pump: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to installing a geothermal heat pump system, the specific steps may vary based on the make and model you choose. But don't worry; Aire Serv® of Billings is here to assist you every step of the way, from initial investigation to installation and ongoing maintenance.

To ensure a complete system, three key components will need to be installed or retrofitted: the heat pump itself (including the air handler and geothermal exchanger), the closed- or open-loop system, and the ductwork or distribution system.

Trust in our expertise for a seamless geothermal heat pump installation experience.

Introducing Our Geothermal Heat Pump Repair Service

Although the underground piping of geothermal systems is durable with minimal moving parts, the heat pump unit and thermostat, like any heating and cooling system, require periodic maintenance and occasional repairs. The most common issues with geothermal systems include:

  • Leaks
  • Broken or Damaged Fan Blades
  • Scale Buildup
  • Broken or Stuck Valves
  • Problems with the Motor

Count on our expertise to maintain and repair any part of your geothermal system, ensuring its longevity and consistent performance.

Unmatched Expertise in Heat Pump Replacement Services

When repair is no longer an option, rely on the expertise of Aire Serv® of Billings technicians to replace your heat pump unit. Whether it's a standard HVAC system or an underground geothermal system, our skilled professionals have the tools and know-how to handle the job.

Replacing a geothermal heating and cooling system's underground components can present unique challenges. The specific approach will depend on the type of existing system and the replacement chosen.

Elevate Comfort with Geothermal HVAC Maintenance

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your geothermal HVAC system unit, regular maintenance is crucial.

During an annual preventative maintenance appointment, your technician will:

  • Thoroughly inspect the heat pump/heat exchanger to ensure proper functioning.
  • Examine seals and connections for any potential issues.
  • Detect and address any leaks promptly.
  • Verify the functionality of the thermostat.
  • And much more.

Keep your geothermal HVAC system running smoothly with Aire Serv® of Billings’ professional maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all heat pumps geothermal?

No, heat pumps can be air source, geothermal (ground- or water-source), or hybrid.

How does a geothermal heat pump work?

Geothermal heat pumps use solar energy from underground or bodies of water to heat your home. In a closed-loop system, liquid-filled pipes are buried underground and circulate through the heat pump to bring thermal energy indoors.

When it comes to cooling your home, the heat pump reverses the process by absorbing hot, humid air and moving it underground to cool and dehumidify your space.

Do geothermal heat pumps work in cold climates?

Absolutely! Geothermal heat pumps are even more efficient than air-source pumps in cold weather. While temperatures drop outside, the ground remains relatively constant throughout winter. This makes geothermal systems an excellent option for homeowners in cold or four-season climates.

How much does it cost to install a geothermal heat pump?

Installing a geothermal system is a significant investment, but many property owners find that they pay for themselves over time! The exact cost will vary depending on the type of system you choose. Contact your local Aire Serv for more information on available options.

Experience our unmatched geothermal HVAC services now! Trust our experts to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient. Contact us for top-notch solutions tailored to your needs!

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