5 Most Common AC Questions in Wilmington

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, family-owned and operated since 1993, provides quality heating and cooling services any homeowner needs. Every spring and summer our Wilmington AC professionals get questions from upset homeowners about their air conditioning units. Our Jacksonville service experts are answering some of the most commonly asked questions about AC repair.

1. My air isn’t blowing. Is my air conditioner broken?

The first thing you should do is check your thermostat if the cool air has stopped blowing.

Follow these steps:

  • If your thermostat’s display is reading blank, try changing the batteries.
  • If the thermostat display is still blank, remove the thermostat from the wall. You will need a multimeter or multi tester to check the voltage on the thermostat’s wiring and make ensure it is not a power issue.
  • If you do not have voltage to your thermostat, then check your circuit breaker box to ensure there is not any tripper or blown fuses. The breaker box is typically located in the basement, laundry room or garage – away from the main living areas. If the fuses look good after inspection of the panel, reset the switch for your central A/C unit. It should be labeled air conditioning or HVAC. To reset the A/C connection, simply switch the circuit breaker on and off.
  • If you do have voltage to your thermostat but the display is still blank, check your outdoor unit’s condenser to see if a fuse is tripped.
  • If you have tried all the steps above and your thermostat still isn’t working, it may be time to replace it. You can always check to see if it’s still covered under warranty.

Follow these steps if your thermostat is working or has started working, but the air conditioner still will not turn on.

  • See if the blower is getting power by trying to turn on the fan.
  • Check your condensation drain line to see if it is clogged.
  • Change your air filter. The buildup of dirt and debris could be preventing air flow.

If your air conditioning still is not blowing, request an appointment with our HVAC professionals.

2. When should I replace my air conditioner?

We know replacing your entire heating and cooling system is a big expense. There’re a few things homeowners should consider before giving their HVAC unit the boot.

Let’s look at some things to consider:

  • How old is your air conditioner? 10+ years is an appropriate age range for the life of an air conditioner. If you find your air conditioner is more than 10 years old and having a hard time staying cool or keeping up, then it may be time to replace your HVAC system.
  • Do you have increasing energy bills? The older your air conditioner is the less energy efficient it is. Pull your utility expenses over the last few summers to easily compare and see if your AC is losing energy efficiency.
  • Is your air conditioner leaking refrigerant? Refrigerant is expensive! Refrigerant leaks will cause the compressor to go out eventually. With a refrigerant leak, you will notice air coming out of your vents that isn’t very cold or ice on your refrigerant lines (see next bullet).
  • Frequent repair costs. If you are noticing frequent repair costs, then maybe it’s time to invest in a new replacement. Aire Serv will give you a free quote on an air condition

3. Why do I have ice on my refrigerant lines?

If you notice your outside air conditioner unit has ice on your refrigerant lines, then you most likely have a lack of refrigerant. You should immediately turn off your HVAC unit if you see your air conditioner freezing up so your compressor isn’t damaged.

Check these things:

  • Setting on your thermostat temperature. If you like to keep your home temperature below 70 degrees it could be causing your air conditioner to freeze up. Remember: setting your thermostat low actually will not cool your home any faster.
  • Refrigerant level. Call Aire Serv heating and cooling professionals to look and ensure your refrigerant level is not low.
  • Air filter. A clogged, dirty air filter could be causing the issue – as mentioned above.
  • Air vents. Are all of the air vents in your home open? If not, open them! They should always stay open to ensure air flow to the evaporator coil.
  • Evaporator coils. Ensure your HVAC evaporator coils are not being blocked by grass, dirt or debris
  • Fan. Check your fan! The fan is an especially important part of your cooling system because it blows the cool air through your home’s ductwork, which eventually circulates air back to the evaporator coil on your HVAC unit.

image of coil with ice on it

4. Why is my air conditioner leaking condensation? Help!

Extracting humidity from the air is one function of your home’s air conditioning system. We have homeowners frequently call asking about leaking condensation. A little bit of condensation is expected; However, major leaks are usually an indication that you have an issue with how your condensate is draining.

What can cause a draining issue with my air conditioner?

  • A rusty condensate pan.
  • Your clogged condensate drain line is clogged.
  • A low refrigerant level on your HVAC unit.
  • Frozen AC coils caused by refrigerant leaks.
  • Installation issues.

5. How do I change my air filter?

Every 30-60 days you should change the air filters in your home to ensure your AC is running at peak performance and not contributing to other maintenance problems.

Changing your filter is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Choose the type of filter. Choices range from fiberglass, washable, pleaded or even electronic.
  • Choose the right size. When you remove your old filter, look for the sizing listed on the side of the filter.
  • Consider a MERV. MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value, ranges from 1-20. An air filter with the higher MERV means it’s more effective.

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