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Why Does Your Heater Smell Like Its Burning?

Why Does Your Heater Smell Like Its Burning?

Heating systems are central components of your home that you can't live without. They ensure you and your family are comfortable during the cold, winter season. This is why it's important to have your furnace inspected and maintained regularly so that you don't run into any problems with cold weather arrives.

Burning smell from my HVAC unit

In this post, your heating repair experts, Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina, shares what you should do if you find a burning smell coming from your heating unit.

Electrical burning smell? A burnt wire smell means you may have a severe electrical problem related to your heating unit. The burning smell is typically related to your blower motor overheating in a broken or defective unit. However, an electrical burning smell can also be caused by a damaged heat exchanger or a frayed electrical wiring. If you smell an electrical burning smell from your homes heating system, be sure to turn off the unit and call your contractor for assistance.

Burning dust smell? You may have noticed this smell when you turned on your heating unit for the first time in a long while – possibly during the first use of the winter season. If you haven’t turned on your heating unit for a while, the build-up of dust and debris are what you smell. They often gather on the heating components and as they get burned off cause the smoky odor. Don’t worry! The burning smell should go away once the dust and debris are gone.

If the burning smell with your heating unit doesn’t go away, turn off your HVAC unit and call Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina at (910)212-6081. Our Holly Ridge technicians would be happy to take a closer look at your heating system and make sure there are no issues.