Why Air Duct Cleaning and UV Lighting Should Be Your Next Home Service

Annual air duct cleanings with the assistance of UV lighting can prevent mold and mildew from building up in the vents.

At Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina, we have always pride ourselves on being known for our quality HVAC work and excellent customer service, but did you know that we offer much more than just heating and cooling services? Our Wilmington service professionals are also able to clean your air ducts and install special preventative measures, like Ultraviolet (UV) lights, to keep your home healthy and improve the air quality in your home for your family.

Especially in times like these, we all have been focusing on ways to improve our family’s health and prevent illnesses. That is why our air purification professionals cannot stress enough to make sure that you have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, UV lights are a great way to help aid in improving your family’s immunity and overall health, as they help aid in air purification which is done when you have your air ducts cleaned.

Five Benefits of Duct Cleaning and UV Lighting Services

Here are 5 reasons why these services are a great addition to any home:

Reduce Mold & Mildew Particles

Getting an annual air duct cleaning will help remove all the dust and particles that have already built up in your air ducts and vents. Duct cleaning provides cleaner air flowing through your home and can stop the particles that induce allergies and sneezing, along with other respiratory illnesses. Getting your air ducts cleaned can also get rid of any of those nasty odors in your home that keep coming back, but you are unsure of where they are coming from.

In addition to regular cleanings, adding UV lights can prevent mold and mildew from building up in the air vent. That mildew can then spread into the rest of your home and create an even bigger health issue. UV lights work by preventing the mild and mildew particles that are likely to trigger health issues such as asthma. This is because they work in eliminating fungi, germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses before they have the chance to build up in your air ducts and vents.

Improved Overall Air Quality

Since air duct cleaning removes the dust and lint backups that already formed in your vents, you will already notice that the air flowing in your home feels cleaner and that your sinuses don’t feel as inflamed. This is because the particles that were once in your duct and vents are now cleared out, and non-contaminated air is flowing through your home.

As a preventative measure, UV lights improve air quality by killing those same irritants that the cleaning removed that kept making you sick. They fight the contaminants in areas of your home like your HVAC units, along with other areas that airborne fungi can enter. Think of UV lights as preventative maintenance on your most valuable home appliance.

Disease Prevention

Since your heating and cooling system circulates the air throughout every room of your home, the germs in your home also circulate to every single room. Annual cleanings can help prevent illnesses by clearing up the air you are breathing in, but they cannot stop the spread of a sickness one already has that is contagious.

This means that if one member is sick, the airborne viruses and bacteria are still able to circulate to the healthy family members of your family just through the vents of your home without you even noticing. UV lighting eliminates any chance of organic buildup on your home’s heating and cooling coils, drain pipes, and ductwork. It kills pathogens and microorganisms that could spread to other members of your household.

Improved Home Airflow

Air duct cleaning will improve the air quality of your home, but did you know it will also improve the airflow of your home? Our Wilmington heating and cooling professionals remove any of the debris that might be left behind from dust and particle buildup that could be blocking proper airflow in your home. UV lights help kill the germs and pathogens that accumulate in your ducts and help eliminate excessive moisture.

A Cost-Effective Investment

Blocked airways and ducts make it hard for your heating and air system to work at its top performance, which can add extra money to your utility bills. When the air in your home is able to move freely, and without blockages, your heating and cooling units are able to run more efficiently. By adding UV lighting to your HVAC system, buildup and blockages on your unit become a thing of the past.

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