Thermostat Replacement and Repair in the East Valley

Your HVAC system relies on its thermostat to mandate temperatures properly throughout the home. When a thermostat works efficiently, you can expect a nice, warm home in the winter and a refreshingly cool home in the summer. However, wear and tear are to be expected over time. When you find yourself in need of a thermostat replacement or repair, Aire Serv of East Valley is here to offer our services. We offer thermostat services for both residential and commercial properties and specialize in programmable thermostats and smart thermostats. We proudly serve Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and the surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment today; our team is eager to be of help!

Average Thermostat Lifespan

The average thermostat can expect to stay in good quality for at least ten years, but once that time is up, it may be in the homeowner's best interest to learn whether it is time for thermostat replacement. With the advanced technology of modern thermostats, such as the rising popularity of smart thermostats, a new system can drastically improve your home’s comfort. 

Common Thermostat Problems

It can be hard to understand why your thermostat isn’t performing the way you need it to. An Aire Serv of East Valley professional is trained to look at common signs and investigate further. They will be able to review potential problems with you and advise whether thermostat replacement is necessary. There are a few common reasons thermostats run into issues:

  • Location: Thermostats pull in the air from the area they are installed to get a temperature reading. Thus, the thermostat installation location is extremely important. Thermostats installed too close to windows or air registers may give temperature readings that don’t reflect the rest of the building.
  • Sensors: Internal sensors in thermostats are the component that ensures accurate readings. These sensors may adjust over time, resulting in incorrect readings.
  • Wiring: When thermostats are poorly installed, the wiring will loosen over time. If the wiring is too loose, the thermostat’s display will not have power, and programming will not be possible.
  • Battery: In many cases, thermostat batteries need to be changed frequently. Low batteries that aren’t replaced may result in the thermostat not functioning.

Our professionals can examine your unit for these issues and more, perform any repairs, or advise if you need a thermostat replacement.

Signs Your Thermostat May Be Broken

If you are noticing problems with your thermostat system, including any of the following, it might be time to call an Aire Serv of East Valley professional.

  • The HVAC system is not or will not stay at the desired temperature.
  • Changes made to the thermostat’s programming have no effect.
  • AC or heating systems are running in short, frequent cycles. 
  • Your programmable thermostat has reset and lost programming.

Types of Thermostats

Manual - These models are usually the most common, thanks to their simplicity and affordability. Although they are easy to use, they do not come with the unique features of newer models, such as Wi-Fi accessibility. If you would like to control your home’s temperature when you are away, a programmable or smart thermostat unit may be a better option.

Programmable - Programmable thermostats can be pre-scheduled and allow the temperature of a home to change over time. If you prefer waking up in a warm room but like to fall asleep in colder temperatures, this system can achieve your goals. Save money and extend your comfort all at once with a programmable unit.

Smart - Smart thermostats are built to adapt to the changing needs of your home. They sense activity, changing the temperature as instructed. With new features such as Wi-Fi accessibility and a smartphone app, you can regulate your thermostat even when away from your house. These systems can be an excellent fit for your needs if you want to monitor the temperature while at your job or on vacation. Smart thermostats conserve more energy over the long run. However, they have special requirements for installation.

If you have any more questions about the differences between the types of thermostats, our professionals are more than willing to help! We can narrow down your selection, help you pick the best unit that will fulfill your needs, and perform any thermostat replacement or installation needed.

Our Services in East Valley

Our thermostat services cover anything related to your thermostat that may come up. We offer thermostat replacement when your thermostat needs an upgrade, repairs to make your existing unit run smoothly, and installation if you are adding a new unit. We can even help you set up your smart or programmable thermostat.

Aire Serv of East Valley provides a variety of HVAC services, from heating and cooling to ductwork installation. Many of our services, such as duct cleaning, work in conjunction with thermostat services to help your HVAC system run as smoothly as possible. Prioritize your home’s needs when you give us a call. Whether you need a maintenance check-up or an entirely new unit, we are here to lend a hand. See for yourself why we are the HVAC experts for the job. Contact us and be blown away by our service.

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