Heater Repair in Tyler, TX

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Common Furnace Problems We Can Help You With

At Aire Serv of Smith Countyin Tyler, TX, we want to be the team you turn to with all your heating system repair needs. Regardless of the age or design of your existing machine, you can count on us to arrive with the tools and the skills to promptly complete the job at hand. We'll identify the underlying concern, develop a cost-effective plan of action, and deliver lasting, high-quality work.

As your comfort company, we can:

  • Fix pilot lights
  • Stop strange noises
  • Fix failing motors
  • Return power to the furnace
  • Fix no ignitions
  • Fix main burner problems

We'll identify the underlying concern, develop a cost-effective plan of action, and deliver lasting, high-quality work. Contact us today!

How Do I Know If I Need a New Heater?

Knowing when it's time to replace your heater can be a challenge. Paying attention to heater repair signs should be your first indication that a new heater may be needed. These signs include:

  • increased energy bills
  • strange noises
  • smells coming from the heater
  • cold air blowing through the vents

If you turn on your heater and don't feel any difference in temperature or notice an irregular noise, you'll want to consider calling a heating repair technician in Smith County for an inspection. A technician will be able to help determine if these are signs of impending malfunction or if you simply need a new heater altogether.

How Long Does a Heater Typically Last?

Generally a heater lifespan can range from 10 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Most heater units will start to indicate signs of wear between 8 and 10 years when maintenance is necessary to ensure the heater continues functioning properly. In order to help extend heater lifespan and get the highest efficiency from an appliance, general upkeep such as checking and changing filters regularly should be performed on a regular basis. As heater repair can become more costly when done after the warranty period ends, being aware of the heater’s age and taking preventive measures can help keep repair costs at bay while helping maintain a warmer home environment during winter.

Heater/Furnace Services Near Me

To help ensure that you get the services you need when you need them, we charge the same low prices all day and every day. We'll do our best to minimize our impact on your daily routine by showing up on time, maintaining a clean work area, and keeping you fully informed on our progress.

Trust your heating system repair needs to Aire Serv of Smith County. To meet even the most pressing demands of our customers in Tyler, we offer flexible appointment availability and 24/7 emergency service options. For more information, give us a call today.

If you need heating system repair in Tyler, TX, give Aire Serv of Smith County a call today!

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