Why Should You Care About Better Air Filtration?

One inch filters cause a variety of equipment problems. because of their high static pressure and low dust holding capacity, they require frequent change outs. often, this does not happen with adequate frequency, resulting in frozen or dirty coils and inefficient equipment performance.

Four large outdoor HVAC units on individual concrete pads.

Low Velocity Reduces ResistanceGarden Hose

  • Velocity is the speed at which air moves through a filter.
  • The larger the media area the lower the velocity.
  • The lower the velocity, the lower the resistance, the better the air flow.

Just like holding back water flow from a hose to increase pressure and create more velocity to the stream of water, restrictive undersized filters add pressure to HVAC systems.

Particle And Allergen Solutions

Particle And Allergen Solutions

1" Polarized MediaPolarized Media

  • Excellent whole-house particle, germ, and gas control.
  • Magnetically attracts particles from 200 to .3 microns in size, then electroplates them to the media, preventing release into the air you breathe.
  • Can relieve allergy symptoms.
  • Can reduce asthma attacks
  • Protects your equipment and prevents from overpaying on utility bills.
  • Replace media every 3 months.
  • Comes with 1 year supply of replacement media.

Media Air Cleaner

Media Air Cleaner

  • Media air cleaners have over 9 times the surface area.
  • Extremely low initial resistance.
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Can relieve allergy symptoms.
  • Can reduce asthma attacks.
  • Protects equipment from overpaying utility bills.
  • Replace media 1 time a year.

Bypass H.E.P.A. Filtration

Bypass H.E.P.A. FiltrationHigh Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) are used in hospitals and labs because they are considered the best filters on the market today. HEPA filters were originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission during WW2 to remove radioactive dust, which was invisible and hazardous to health.

  • HEPA filters must collect 99.7% of particles at .3 micron in size (Established by the Institute of Environmental Sciences) in order to receive the HEPA filter designation.

The bypass HEPA overcomes airflow issues with a quiet and powerful 300 cfm internal fan.

by accurately moving the air through a HEPA filter with this fan , we take a large portion of the air out of the return and run it through the hospital-grade HEPA filter and then return the purified air back into the system air flow.

  • No added resistance to your system airflow.
  • The best additional filtration for the removal of particles that cause allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Pre-filters replaced every 6 months.
  • HEPA filters last 2 years.
  • Optional carbon cell for the ultimate protection from VOC’s, odors, and other indoor chemical off-gassing.
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