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Dirty return air vents

Dirty return air vents are a sign that your duct work needs to be cleaned.

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  • Every situation is different, however over time there can be substantial visible growth inside hard surface (e.g., sheet metal) ducts or on other components of your heating and cooling system.
  • A lot of the sections of your heating and cooling system may not be accessible for a visible inspection, but you can take a look into the return air ducting to get an idea of the amount of dirt and dust throughout.
  • On the supply air side of the ductwork you will typically get a gritty type substance, because the air is moving with a lot of velocity.
  • On the return air side of the ductwork you will typically get a fluffy, and hairy type of buildup, because the air is moving slower with lower velocity.
  • If you have insulated air ducts and the insulation gets wet or moldy it cannot be effectively cleaned and should be removed and replaced.
  • If you have older insulated flexible ductwork in your attic, it can not be effectively cleaned and should be removed and replaced.
  • Without cleaning over time, your ductwork can become clogged with excessive amounts of dust, debris, and particulates which will be continuously circulated throughout your home.

Powerful Vacuum System

The Rotobrush AiR+ XP is more powerful than the original AiR+. With up to 30% more power, it makes it easier to remove even heavy build-up seen in many air-duct systems. The new AiR+ XP vacuum motor uses 2-4 horsepower motors vs. 2-2 horsepower motors. Easy.

Hose and Brush System

The brush system rotates at 450 rpm to loosen the debris from inside walls of the air ducts. As it is loosened, the debris is then vacuumed up in the nozzle located behind the head of the brush. This combination ensures professionally cleaned air ducts for your customers. Because the rotating cable is enclosed within the hose, it is safe to use in every type of duct application including flexible duct work.

Advanced Patented Design

The Rotobrush AiR+ has been engineered for ease-of-use. sloping sides allow quick hose coiling and maximum maneuverability. The modular design makes transport and air duct cleaning easy.

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