Air Conditioner Repair & Replacement in Lake Oswego, OR

As the heat hits the Portland Metro area, it becomes easy to recognize just how important your cooling system is for comfort and safety. As Portland locals, the Aire Serv of Lake Oswego team understands how the recent record heat has made it nearly impossible to go without a functioning air conditioner. We offer AC repair, replacement, and maintenance services to ensure you can access refreshing air whenever needed. It does not matter how you stay cool, whether it is an existing central air system, installing a heat pump, or another cooling method; our goal is to keep your system reliable. We proudly offer our HVAC service to Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Portland, Tigard, and beyond.

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The Importance of AC Repair

Nothing is more unbearable than being hot and uncomfortable at home or work. Whether your air conditioning unit leaks, make noises, or needs a thorough cleaning, we are here for all your AC repair needs. Our team of licensed professionals will diagnose the cause of your problem and devise an efficient plan to address it. We work within your schedule to tackle the AC repair issue and provide a quick cleanup so you can get back to your daily routine, no matter the problem. Aire Serv of Lake Oswego understands the urgency of needing an AC repair, which is why we take pride in being available anytime for our neighbors facing an air conditioning emergency.

Common AC Problems

Issues with your air conditioner unit are frustrating, but there is nothing we have not seen before! Throughout years of AC repair experience, we have responded to several problems reported by homeowners, such as:

  • Your system will not start up
  • Pools of water surround the base of the unit
  • The unit is making noise, but the fan is not turning on
  • There is warmth escaping from the supply registers
  • The fan runs, but the compressor (the “heart” of the AC) will not work
  • You notice violent vibrations or loud noises coming from the AC
  • Your system is producing an unusual smell

Why Is My AC Not Working?

Through our years of providing AC repair, we have identified common sources of AC unit problems. Some of those problems include:

  • Faulty wiring and overheating
  • The fan belt is wearing out
  • Algae and debris have clogged up condensation drains
  • The compressor is not working, causing it to blow warm air
  • Your refrigeration system has a leak
  • A broken thermostat
  • A clogged air filter

Our experts will evaluate your entire cooling system and put you back on track to receiving cool, fresh air. We will also advise if an AC replacement is smarter for your home or business.

Don’t wait around when you need AC repair; schedule your appointment and return to cool air!

AC Replacement and Installation

In many cases, when AC repairs are frequent or your unit has aged to the point it shows excessive wear and tear, AC replacement is the next step to better efficiency and lower costs. Throughout the AC replacement process, our service professionals will help advise you on the different cooling system brands available, allowing you to pick the right fit for your home or business. From the beginning discussions to the finishing touches of installation, our workers will be by your side to guarantee a result you can be satisfied with. If you are building a home, adding increased cooling to your business, or a similar project that requires a new system, our experts can help ensure the installation process is smooth.

There are many different air conditioner types to choose from. When selecting the right one for your home, you will want to go over the pros and cons of each one. Some of our most popular options for cooling include:

  • Central air conditioning
  • Ductless split AC
  • Heat pumps
  • Evaporative cooler & swamp cooler
  • Window & wall units

Requirements for Installation

When you are installing or replacing an existing unit, there are many factors to keep in mind. Here are a few things to remember while making your final decision:

  • Adding a cooling system to your home can help reduce humidity levels.
  • Choosing the same unit type for your AC replacement as your existing system can save you time and money since it usually needs less reconfiguration, especially if you would otherwise need to install ductwork.
  • If your home does not already have existing ductwork, ductless split air conditioning can be a more straightforward implementation and save you time.
  • Consider your house's size when picking out a cooling unit. If it is too small or too large for your home, it can lead to uneven air flow within rooms and not cool your home correctly.

At Aire Serv, we aim to provide AC replacement services performed correctly the first time. When you put your air conditioning unit in our hands, we will use our years of experience and expertise to guarantee a job well done. Avoid constant AC repair calls down the road by trusting a company that keeps your best interests in mind.

Our talented HVAC service professionals can not wait to help you with your AC replacement; call us to schedule today!

AC Maintenace for the Long Term

Regular maintenance is the key to reducing AC repairs and preventing the premature need for AC replacement. You must keep up with regular AC maintenance to get the most out of your appliance, such as the greatest energy efficiency and longest lifespan possible. Having one of our professionals perform a quick diagnosis of your cooling system can prevent headaches further down the line, such as emergency AC repair, and could save you money in the long run. We recommend scheduling a check-up every spring to prepare your system for the summer months. It can also be a good idea to schedule a second AC maintenance appointment as the weather turns cold since your system has been running all summer.

Haven’t scheduled your AC maintenance yet? Give us a call to get an appointment on the books!

The Aire Serv of Lake Oswego Way

Aire Serv of Lake Oswego not only knows air conditioners. On top of AC repairs and other services, we offer comprehensive services designed to keep you comfortable and breathing easy for years to come. From heating services to increasing air quality, we are your Lake Oswego area go-to for total comfort. We provide professional service with upfront pricing that you can trust. We will never charge hidden overtime fees, even when you have an emergency in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or during a holiday. Don’t suffer through an uncomfortable home or business. You can rely on Aire Serv of Lake Oswego to deliver quality HVAC service and excellent customer service in the Lake Oswego area.
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