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Just because your ducts are behind walls doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your attention at least once a year. Because air circulates throughout your home, dirt, dust, pet dander, and mold can spread quickly and easily. These pollutants can affect your air quality and make it difficult to breathe.

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Aire Serv of Wilmington is here to assist a homeowner like you in Wilmington with duct cleaning services. Our highly-rated air duct cleaners can clean flexible ducts, rigid ducts, sheet metal ducts, fiberglass lined ducts, and fiberboard ducts. Our highly trained and local HVAC service experts use advanced equipment to assess your ducts and clean them effectively.

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How to Tell if Your Air Ducts Are Dirty

Do you need to change your air filters more often than you used to? Or do you smell something bad from the air vents? If so, it may be time to schedule your air duct cleaning service.

You may need duct cleaning if you notice:

  • Vents are clogged with dirt and dust
  • Foul odors emitting from vents
  • Dead insects or pests are lying at the bottom of air vents
  • The HVAC system isn’t working efficiently
  • Air filters are dirty a day after changing them
  • Mold present in your HVAC system

We don’t shy away from challenging duct cleaning jobs. In fact, these are the appointments that yield the most rewarding results for the homeowner. Our efforts can help improve indoor air quality and allow you and your loved ones to breathe more easily.

If you're experiencing these issues or any others, call us to schedule an air duct cleaning service. You can also reach out online.

Why Are Ducts Prone to Getting Dirty?

Your home is full of air pollutants, from natural allergens to harmful chemicals and almost everything in between. These contaminants get into ductwork and can circulate throughout your home.

Often, ducts get dirty because age or faulty installation causes damage, creating small gaps where debris can enter. Unless you own an air purifier, your air quality probably isn’t the best, which is, unfortunately, normal for most homeowners.

How Can I Keep My Ducts Clean?

Maintaining your air ducts isn’t difficult, but a heating and cooling service professional should always perform upkeep.

Our Wilmington HVAC specialists recommend that homeowners do the following to ensure long-term efficient operation:

  • Change air filters every three months
  • Get ducts cleaned annually
  • Get HVAC maintenance service at least once annually or seasonally

When you live in an area with higher humidity levels in summer, like Wilmington, you may experience more issues with mold growth in your ductwork. Contact our heating and cooling service pros to mitigate this and other issues with regular maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

What Areas Do You Serve?

At Aire Serv of Wilmington, we proudly serve:

  • Claymont
  • Hockessin
  • Montachanin
  • Rockland
  • Wilmington
  • Winterthur
  • Yorklyn

Schedule your air duct cleaning service online or by calling us. We offer up-front pricing and guarantee our service.

If Duct Cleaning Isn’t Enough, We Can Repair or Replace Ductwork

Cleaning your ductwork can only do so much if you have persistent issues or an old HVAC system. Sometimes, repairing or replacing your ducts is the best and most inexpensive option.

Our Wilmington HVAC technicians can help you decide how to proceed by evaluating your ducts to ensure they operate at peak efficiency and keep your home comfortable.

When you need a heating and cooling service professional to support you with duct cleaning in Wilmington, trust Aire Serv of Wilmington.

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