Heat Pump Repair and Service in the Harrisonburg Area

Heat pumps are a heating and cooling system growing in popularity in the Central Shenandoah Valley, largely due to their energy efficiency and greener operation. Adding a heat pump to your home or business is a great way to be eco-friendly and reduce utility bills. If you want to learn more about getting a heat pump installed or hope to replace or repair your current system, the experts at Aire Serv of the Central Shenandoah Valley are here to help. We offer heat pump repair and replacement services and can provide consultations to help you choose the best unit for your residential or commercial property. Our service areas include Harrisonburg, Broadway, Edinburg, Dayton, Elkton, and the surrounding cities.

With Aire Serv of the Central Shenandoah Valley, you’ll receive high-quality service without unwelcome surprises like overtime charges. Our on-the-way alerts are just one of the ways we keep in touch about our service, and we prioritize educating you about your entire HVAC system throughout your appointment. Schedule with our service professionals today and transform your heating and cooling system by upgrading to a heat pump with help from the team at Aire Serv!

Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps are a durable and practical approach to heating and cooling, working by extracting warmth from outside to move indoors or by removing the heat inside your home. Scheduling regular repairs and maintenance can keep your system running year-round. If you notice heating and cooling interruptions or other heat pump problems, Aire Serv of the Central Shenandoah Valley can help. We’ll inspect the unit and its accompanying parts, including providing duct cleaning and thermostat repair and installation service, and determine the source of the issue. Once identified, we’ll make heat pump repairs to restore your building to a comfortable temperature. If your filter, refrigerant, valves, or other heat pump components require replacement, we’ll make sure to arrive with replacement parts and ready to find a solution for your broken system. In some cases, repair costs or breakages are high enough that we recommend heat pump replacement to ensure better performance over time and a longer lifespan. Our experts are also available anytime when you need emergency heat pump repairs

Heat Pump Repair Troubleshooting:

Are you having trouble with your heat pump? It may be time to schedule repairs if you notice any of the following:

  • The HVAC system is over ten years
  • You hear any strange or uncommon sounds
  • The temperature of your home is inconsistent
  • You’ve had frequent or very costly repairs
  • Your utility bill has increased significantly
  • Unpleasant smells come from the heat pump
  • Airflow is weak or irregular

When you need a heat pump repair service, reach out to your local experts online or by phone!

Heat Pump Replacement and Installation

Our service professionals offer heat pump replacement services, offering a solution to remove old, outdated units and installing a brand-new one. Upgrading your system can vary in time based on what type of unit you choose. Since an air-source pump is similar to installing a central air conditioner, it can be a reasonably straightforward process, sometimes taking as little as an afternoon to install properly. A geothermal unit can be a bit more tricky due to its dependency on groundwork around the home. If you are replacing or installing a geothermal system, we will examine your plot of land and subsoil, checking that everything is in order before we proceed. 

What is The Difference Between a Heat Pump & a Furnace?

A furnace depends on a burner to heat your property, whereas a heat pump functions using existing temperature. In warm summer months, your furnace is not used as frequently, lying dormant for months of the year. A heat pump, however, can be of use year-round, changing its needs based on the season and occupants of the home. Heat pumps are highly functional and eco-friendly since they don’t rely on wood, oil, or natural gas. Most heat pumps include a dehumidifier function to lower indoor humidity levels, a process that can be useful during Virginia’s warmer months.

Types of Heat Pumps

Air-Source Heat Pumps

Air-source pumps do not burn fuel while generating their warmth. They depend on the temperatures outside to warm and cool a home. Due to their ability to distribute hot and cold air, they can double as central air conditioners and furnaces in one unit. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps work by harnessing warmth from the ground to produce heat. They are the cheapest, most efficient form of HVAC system currently available. Although geothermal systems are usually more expensive to purchase and install, they are inexpensive to run and last for decades, making them a long-lasting investment. The most common types of geothermal systems use horizontal, vertical, or lake ground loops.

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