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Heat Pump Installation & Repair

If you are interested in learning more about heat pumps or are hoping to replace a current system, Aire Serv of the Central Shenandoah Valley is ready to help. We perform heat pump installation, repair, replacement, and can offer consultations on which unit may be the best for your residential home or commercial business. Our service areas include Harrisonburg, Broadway, Edinburg, Dayton, Elkton, and the surrounding cities.

Despite what the name suggests, a heat pump is actually an HVAC unit built for monitoring and controlling both heating and cooling within a space. By extracting warmth from the outside, the unit can pump out or bring in heat, allowing your home to stay at the exact temperature you prefer. Not only are they durable, practical, and multi-purpose, but they are also eco-friendly because they don’t have to rely on wood, oil, or natural gas in order to run. Transform your heating and cooling systems and upgrade to a heat pump with help from Aire Serv!

Set up an appointment with us! Our service professionals can be reached at (540) 696-5394.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

There are two different types of heat pumps: geothermal and air-source.


A geothermal heat pump harnesses warmth from the ground to produce heat and is the cheapest, most efficient form of HVAC system. Although they are usually more expensive to purchase and install, they are inexpensive to use and last for decades, making them a worthwhile investment.


Air-source pumps do not use fuel while generating their warmth. They depend on the temperatures outside to warm and cool a home. Due to their ability to distribute both hot and cold air, they can double as a central air conditioner as well as a furnace.

What is The Difference Between a Heat Pump & a Furnace?

Whereas a furnace is dependent on a burner, a heat pump gets its fuel from the temperatures outside. In warmer months, a furnace is usually rarely used, lying dormant for a large portion of the year. A heat pump, however, is able to be of use year-round, changing its needs based on the occupants of the home. Not only are they highly functional, heat pumps are also known to lower indoor humidity levels - a function which can come in quite handy during Virginia’s warmer months.

Heat Pump Installation

The installation timing can vary based on what type of unit you choose. Since an air-source pump is similar to installing an air conditioner it can be a fairly easy process, sometimes taking as little as an afternoon to properly install. A geothermal unit can be a bit more tricky due to its dependency on groundwork around the home. We will examine your plot of land and subsoil, checking that everything is in order before we proceed.

Heat Pump Replacement

Our service professionals can replace your old, outdated unit, as well as its various parts. If your filters, refrigerants, or valves are in need of replacement, we’ll make sure to arrive fully-stocked, ready to apply each individual part to the area in need. Reach out to Aire Serv of the Central Shenandoah Valley!

Residential Heat Pump Troubleshooting:

Are you having trouble with your heat pump? It may be time for a replacement if:

  • Your HVAC system is 10 years or older.
  • You notice any strange or uncommon sounds.
  • The temperature of your home is inconsistent.
  • You’ve had frequent, or very costly, repairs.
  • Your utility bill has increased significantly.

Why Aire Serv?

You can depend on us for all your heating and cooling needs! We are proud to serve our community with efficient service for an upfront price. With our flexible hours, we are always available in your time of need, offering 24/7 emergency customer service to set up appointments throughout all hours of the day. Our wide range of services, years of experience, and great performance make Aire Serv of the Central Shenandoah Valley a company you can depend on. Call us at (540) 696-5394 today!

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