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Don't let a broken boiler freeze you out of your own home. Trust our team at Aire Serv® of Southern Michigan to provide quick and dependable repair and replacement services for your boiler.

With our expert technicians, you can say goodbye to frozen pipes, costly repairs, and the possibility of a complete replacement. We understand the importance of a functioning boiler and strive to restore your home's heating as quickly as possible.

Don't wait for your boiler to cause further damage. Contact us today for emergency home boiler repair.

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Discover the Range of Boilers We Expertly Service

Experience exceptional HVAC services as we cater to a variety of boilers. Our skilled team in Southern Michigan is adept at servicing:

  • Electric boilers
  • Gas boilers
  • Oil-fired boilers
  • Wood-powered boilers

Trust us to handle your boiler system with top-notch expertise.

Residential Boiler Repair Services: Fixing Common Issues

Is your boiler acting up? Leaking, making strange noises, or failing to provide hot water? Don't panic! Our experts in Southern Michigan are here to help.

We start by thoroughly inspecting your boiler to pinpoint the problem. From there, we'll present you with repair options that fit your needs.

Signs that your boiler needs repair:

  • Overheating
  • Strange noises (clunking, banging, hissing)
  • Unusual smells (gas leaks require immediate attention)
  • Trouble turning on or off
  • Lack of hot water

Once we've identified the issue, our skilled technicians in Southern Michigan will carry out a range of repairs, including:

  • Unclogging pipes
  • Fixing leaks by adjusting fittings
  • Restoring pressure and water levels
  • Cleaning and flushing the unit and its parts
  • Relighting the pilot light
  • Replacing broken components
  • Ensuring secure electrical connections

To prevent costly repairs and maintain your boiler's efficiency, we recommend scheduling annual maintenance. After inspecting your unit, we'll provide specific maintenance services tailored to your system and home heating needs.

Looking to replace your residential boiler? We're here to help! Our expert team in Southern Michigan recommends boiler replacement in two cases: when your unit is beyond repair or when it's no longer keeping your home sufficiently heated. In these situations, we'll suggest energy-efficient options that are a perfect fit for your home.

Why should you consider boiler replacement? Here are a few reasons:

  • Repairs become more frequent or costly.
  • Your current unit is 15 or more years old.
  • Your heating system is taking longer to warm up.
  • Your energy bills have sky-rocketed.
  • The heat exchanger is failing or broken.

During the replacement process, we'll carefully remove your old unit and install the new one. If you're interested in upgrading your system, such as switching from steam to hot water or changing fuel types, it may take a bit more time and cost a bit more, but we're more than capable of handling it.

Rest assured, we'll always be transparent about costs, labor processes, and the expected timeline for installation. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boiler Systems

How much does it cost to replace a boiler?

The cost of boiler replacement depends on the fuel type, efficiency, size, and replacement labor. The average price range for replacement is between $3,000 to $8,000. You can expect to spend less for simple same-fuel type replacement, and more for higher efficiency models or changes in fuel type due to increased labor and additional installments.

How much more efficient is a new boiler?

AFUE, or “annual fuel utilization efficiency,” is one measure of heating efficiency. It measures how much dedicated fuel is turned into heat; a higher number equals more efficiency. Traditional boilers have a low AFUE of 56% to 70%. Modern, high-efficiency boilers have an excellent AFUE of 90% or higher.

Why is my boiler leaking water?

Cracks, decaying seals, loose joints, and pressure changes may cause your boiler to leak water. If you discover that your unit is leaking, contact a professional for an assessment to determine what type of residential boiler service is needed.

Why is my boiler not heating up?

There’s likely a problem with boiler ignition or with another component connected to the boiler. The problem may originate at the unit, the thermostat, or the circuit board. Aire Serv® of Southern Michigan service professionals can quickly diagnose the problem.

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