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Don't let summer creep up on you; make sure that your AC unit is completely functional before the temperatures start to climb. When you need a reliable, friendly air conditioning repair technician, choose us at Aire Serv of The Coastal Bend in Rockport. We are fully licensed and insured, so you'll know that you're getting top-notch service from a business you can trust.

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Our Air Conditioning Repair Services Near You

No matter the severity of your air conditioning situation near Rockport, our operators are available 24/7 so that you get a quick response every time. We can:

  • Perform a diagnosis and tune-up
  • Handle installation and upgrades
  • Complete system maintenance and cleaning
  • Stop weird noises or vibrations
  • Stop refrigerant leak
  • Restore power to units
  • Replace evaporator coil
  • Repair or replace defective fan motor
  • Repair or replace defective compressor
  • Clear clogged condensate drain

Common Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

In most cases it’s pretty easy to tell if your AC is broken and in need of repair. One of the most common signs is if your air conditioner is blowing out warm air. But what are some other telltale signs it’s time to call an AC repairman?

Keep an eye out for these signs that your AC needs repair:

  • Warm air coming out of the vents instead of cool
  • Poor airflow
  • Your AC is leaking
  • Your cooling bill has increased dramatically
  • Your air conditioner is making strange sounds
  • There’s a strange smell whenever you turn your AC on
  • Your thermostat isn’t working properly
  • The air inside your home feels humid, even with the AC running

If you spot any of the telltale signs that your AC may be broken or in need of repair, call Aire Serv of The Coastal Bend today for an appointment!

Why Isn’t My AC Cooling?

It’s never a good sign when your air conditioner is spitting out warm air in the middle of summer, but what exactly causes this issue?

Some common causes of air conditioners not cooling include:

  • Your filters need to be cleaned or changed - If your AC filter gets clogged with dirt, hair, or dust, your air conditioner may stop working properly. It’s important to have your filters cleaned regularly and changed as-needed to prevent this issue.
  • Your refrigerant levels are off - If your air conditioner has low refrigerant levels, or if it has begun to leak refrigerant, this will interfere with your AC’s ability to cool your home. Not only is it inconvenient, but leaking refrigerant can also pose a danger to your home and those in it.
  • Your AC has broken or failed parts - A number of parts can break or malfunction; some of the most common parts that need to be replaced or repaired are: the compressor, the exterior fan, the thermostat, or the evaporator coil.

There are many things that can go wrong with your air conditioning unit that could result in it pushing out hot air. Our team of air conditioner repair specialists can help identify the source of the issue and repair or replace any broken parts.

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Turning On?

Few things are worse than going to switch on your air conditioner on a hot day and being met with silence. When an air conditioner fails to turn on, you should check for the following issues:

  • Does your thermostat need new batteries?
  • Is your AC leaking refrigerant?
  • Do the air filters need to be cleaned or replaced?
  • Could your air conditioner have overheated?
  • Is the exterior fan turning on?
  • Could you have flipped the circuit breaker by accident?
  • Is the outlet it’s plugged into faulty?
  • Is your air conditioner making strange sounds when you try to turn it on?
  • Does the drain pan need to be emptied?

Even if you think you may know what the problem is, if it requires you to disassemble or replace any parts, you may want to consider calling a professional HVAC repair company to look into the issue. Since air conditioners use electricity it’s always better to have a professional do the repair work to avoid any risk of electric shock.

Why Won’t My AC Turn Off?

If your air conditioner won’t turn off, it could be a result of any of the following:

  • Your thermostat settings are signaling to the HVAC unit to continue running your fan even when the AC isn’t cooling anything; to fix this you simply need to switch the fan setting from “On” to “Auto.”
  • Your thermostat is damaged or needs to have its wires tightened.
  • Your air conditioner may be too small to keep up with the temperatures outside; you may need to upgrade to a larger AC unit.
  • Your compressor contactor may need to be replaced if it is no longer able to disconnect from the compressor when your thermostat signals for it to turn off the air conditioning.

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