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Furnace Repair and Replacement Services in the Shenandoah Valley Area

Winters in the Shenandoah Valley can mean cold days and snowy weather, which is why having a heating system you can trust is so important. Aire Serv of the Shenandoah Valley provides furnace services across the Shenandoah Valley, including Winchester, Front Royal, Stephens City, Strasburg, Berryville, Middletown, and beyond, to ensure you have a reliable escape from the cold. We know you want to stay cozy wherever you go, so we offer commercial furnace services alongside residential services. Whether you need annual maintenance and regular furnace repairs or your furnace requires a replacement, our service professionals are ready to help you restore your property to one of comfort.

Repairing Furnace Breakdowns

When it comes to furnace repair, Aire Serv has you covered! We’ll provide you with professional, efficient service that will get your unit running back to normal in no time. We will inspect your system and identify the source of your lack of heat before performing the necessary furnace repairs. Our goal is to keep you informed of the repairs we make throughout the appointment and leave you with a functioning system. In the event that your furnace repair cannot wait until regular business hours, we offer emergency furnace repair to protect you and your loved ones from the cold. 

Symptoms of a Furnace Failure

Wondering if you need to call in a professional to take a look at your furnace? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • The furnace refuses to start up.
  • There are strange noises while it’s running.
  • The blower is running continually.
  • The main burner will not stay lit
  • The pilot light is out.
  • The burners are lit, but the blower never turns on.

Common Problems with Furnaces

Through the years, we have become acquainted with all manner of heating system problems. The issues we repair on your furnace can include:

  • No Power - Depending on the problem, there could be an easy solution to the loss of power. Restarting the furnace or the breaker can get it running normally. Your furnace may have a failed thermostat, control board, or blower motor in more complicated instances. 
  • Failing Motor - A failing motor is identifiable by squeaks and squeals and must be immediately serviced by a professional to avoid breaking down.
  • No Ignition - Rapid clicking noises can be due to a burner trying to ignite. This failure to ignite can be due to a faulty control board, a blocked flue, or improper limit control. In this case, repairing or replacing parts will get the burner back on track.
  • Main Burner Problems - When a burner refuses to stay lit, it could be because of a dirty flame sensor, a clogged condensation drain, or a cut-off gas supply. In the case of a problem with the gas line, an HVAC professional will make a few changes and perform some cleaning. 
  • Issues with The Motor - A problem with the motor can lead to the blower not turning on after the burners ignite. Replacement or continued troubleshooting should be able to help the motor restart. 
  • Clogged Air Filter - A blower motor running continuously and not turning off could be due to a clogged air filter. Restriction of the airflow might have damaged the limit switch, which will need to be replaced by an Aire Serv service professional. Other times, a clogged air filter just requires changing or cleaning. 

If these symptoms or problems sound familiar, contact Aire Serv for furnace repair service today.

Replacing an Aged or Broken Furnace

When you notice your furnace becoming worn out, it’s time to consider a replacement! Continuing to run your furnace past peak performance can become costly and have you scheduling frequent furnace repairs. Our HVAC experts will quickly replace your system, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a brand-new, efficient furnace. Our team is happy to help you decide whether to replace your unit and walk you through your options. If you want to use this time to switch to a different heating type, we can help with that as well, offering services such as heat pump installation.

Is it Time for a Furnace Replacement?

It is normal for a furnace to become worn down over time. If your furnace is ten years or older and used frequently, a replacement is an expected next step. Use tips from our service professionals to learn how to notice signs of wear and tear.

Age - If you are considering a furnace replacement, check on the age of your furnace. If it is ten years or older, it’s due to be replaced. Reward yourself with a brand-new unit that runs smoothly. Our professionals can replace your system with ease.

Frequent Repairs - Is your furnace constantly needing repair? Outdated units will require more maintenance and care, gradually causing you to lose time, money, and energy. Reduce the number of furnace repair appointments with a system that works as promised.

Rising Energy Bills - An aging system will run less smoothly, leading to an uptick in monthly energy bills. When you notice an unusual rise in your billing, it could be a sign to replace your heater. Furnace replacement is a solution to lowering your energy bills since newer units are more energy-efficient.

Comfort - A furnace should keep your home warm and comfortable. When you notice incorrect temperatures, cold air, or a failure to heat your home evenly, your heating system fails to meet your needs. In the case of these events, purchasing a new heater will be the best solution in the long run.

Types of Furnace Units

Natural Gas - Natural gas systems are the most common type of furnace within residential homes. Their speed, efficiency, and inexpensive fuel make them a great option.

Oil - Oil furnaces are rapidly becoming harder to find but are more dependable and environmentally friendly than natural gas units.

Electric - Electric units are the least expensive option for furnace installation and the unit’s initial price. Since they run on electricity, they can lead to costly monthly bills and take longer to heat a space. Our experts recommend using electric furnaces in homes located in warmer climates.

Geothermal - If you’re interested in installing an environmentally conscious unit, a geothermal heater is an excellent option. A geothermal unit will heat your home efficiently with minor environmental damage. Geothermal heat pump installation is a more extensive and involved process than other heating types, which should be taken into consideration when choosing a new system. 

Coal - Heaters that run on coal are usually located in rural areas and are expensive to install but more affordable to operate in the long run. They can be suitable for a rural home if you perform consistent maintenance. 

Mini-Split System - Mini-split systems combine heating and cooling into a single unit. They do not require ductwork and can be installed and bolted directly to your walls. Before installation, take the size of your home into account. A larger home will need multiple units to heat and cool its surface area properly.

Is it time for a furnace replacement? Aire Serv of the Shenandoah Valley is here to assist with the transition. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call. 

Furnace Maintenance

Scheduling a maintenance appointment can make a world of difference in the longevity of your furnace. Regular check-ups can prevent expensive furnace repairs and prolong the life of your unit. Stay up to date with your furnace’s health by contacting our team today. Our service professionals are here to keep your heating unit in top shape. When our team arrives for a furnace check-up, we will inspect your unit and its surrounding area. After we have examined the unit, we will notify you of any warning signs or potential repairs. Once we receive your green light, we will repair all your unit’s problematic areas. After performing the necessary repairs, we will clean your system and replace the air filter as needed. When our work is complete, you can expect a clean, efficiently running furnace to get you through the months ahead.

Maintenance Benefits

Maintenance appointments are necessary to protect the health of your unit. Some of the benefits of scheduling an appointment include:

  • Preventing HVAC emergencies
  • Fixing repairs before they become larger
  • Better unit efficiency
  • Extended your furnace’s lifespan
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Improved air quality

Improve your home comfort by turning to the professionals at Aire Serv of the Shenandoah Valley. We are here to make your home’s heating systems run smoothly

Working With Aire Serv of the Shenandoah Valley

Our licensed service professionals provide expert repair, maintenance, and replacement to keep your home and business comfortable and safe. Alongside our heating services, we offer additional residential and commercial comfort improvements, including cooling services and enhancing your indoor air quality. We offer our clients unbeatable service with our upfront prices, dependable workmanship, and no overtime fees.

We believe in upfront pricing, so we charge by the service, not by the hour. We never charge overtime fees, and with our emergency services, we’ll be available whenever you need us. Nobody wants to deal with heating problems in freezing temperatures, so when you need a company you can trust to keep your HVAC systems running, you can turn to Aire Serv of the Shenandoah Valley.
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