Heat pumps are becoming a popular option for residential homeowners, thanks to their ability to produce both warm and cool temperatures. Save yourself the hassle of owning both a heater and an air conditioning unit. A heat pump can make your life as a homeowner easier and will promote your comfort down the line. Aire Serv of Council Bluffs can provide heat pump installation and replacement. Come to us for all your heat pump-related issues, we will quickly find a solution. After an appointment with our team, your unit will be in good shape and ready for the long months ahead.

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Heat Pump Benefits

Installing a heat pump unit can add many benefits to your home or business in the long run. Some include:

  • Long lifespan - These units can last between 25-50 years, making them a worthwhile investment.

  • Improved efficiency - Owning a singular HVAC system instead of multiple can make your life a lot easier. These systems require less energy and fuel, while still providing the same efficiency level.

  • Affordability - These systems can lower a home’s monthly energy bill, saving you money in the long run.

  • Low Maintenance Costs - Air source and geothermal systems require little maintenance, typically only receiving one check-up a year. Compared to furnaces and AC units that receive two maintenance appointments yearly, you can significantly cut back on the time, money, and energy spent on scheduling.

  • Eco-friendly - These systems are better for the environment, lowering carbon emissions thanks to the fact they don’t rely on fossil fuels.

Geothermal vs Air-Source Units

The two most common types of heat pumps are geothermal and air-source units. Geothermal systems use energy from the ground and must be installed underneath the home. The installation time can be lengthy, due to the time it takes to scope out the area and plan for the groundwork. On average, you can expect the process to take a few weeks. Geothermal systems are initially more expensive than air-source units but run more efficiently, gaining their worth over time.

Air-source units, however, can be installed within a single afternoon. They filter their temperatures through the air, and their process for installation can be as easy as that of an AC unit. These units run most efficiently on electricity and are fairly easy to maintain.

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