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Water Heater Repair in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Being able to control the temperature of the water in your home is a privilege often taken for granted until it’s gone. Don't endure icy cold showers - contact Aire Serv of Council Bluffs for all your repair needs. With our knowledgeable team of professionals, we’ll have you back to enjoying warm showers and baths in no time.

How to Know if Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Learning about the signs that show that your system is in need of help can save you a lot of money in the long run. Chances are you will notice some of these signs, allowing you to act before it becomes worse.

  • The faucet runs warm but not hot.
  • Particles, rust, and sediment can be found in the water flow.
  • There is a sulfur smell coming from your sinks.
  • The water tastes metallic.
  • There is a leak coming from the heater.
  • There are loud popping or cracking noises coming from your sink.

What Does Water Heater Repair Services Entail?

Our technicians have a wide range of experience, priding ourselves on repairs that will make your heater seem like new again, including:

  • Flushing the heaters
  • Replacing an anode rod
  • Replacing the T&P valve
  • Installing a home filtration system

Enjoy the Aire Serv Experience

Aire Serv's team of technicians has experience with electric, gas, and tankless unit repair. We are more than capable of working with all different types of brands and making sure they are repaired and running properly. We offer a multitude of services, including installation and replacement, as well as air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. Put your home in good hands, and have Aire Serv work for you!

You never know when your boiler will give out. For emergency heating problems, contact (712) 308-8513 for 24/7 customer service.

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