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Whether your furnace has reached the end of its lifespan or you’re ready to upgrade to a more efficient model, Aire Serv of Southern Michigan is your local resource for efficient, careful furnace replacement.

If you know which brand you’d like to install, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest! But, if you need help deciding which option makes the most sense for your home and budget, our professional furnace installers can offer advice. We will help you make an informed decision.

Stay warm all winter long—call (517) 836-3094 or request an appointment online.

Furnace Replacement Options

There are three main types of furnaces that homeowners choose from. Let's dive into them.

Electric Furnaces

Pros: Electric furnaces are less expensive to install and tend to outlast other furnaces.

Cons: Electric furnaces cost more to operate and emit dry air, which can irritate allergy symptoms.

Gas Furnaces

Pros: Natural gas furnaces are a safer and more efficient heating solution. They typically cost less to run, heat up faster, and produce warmer air than other furnace types.

Cons: These furnaces require a larger investment up front and don’t last as long as electric furnaces. They also emit a small amount of carbon dioxide.

Oil Furnaces

Pros: Oil furnace units are often less costly to install, and they produce fewer emissions than gas furnaces.

Cons: The price of oil for running the furnace is volatile, and oil furnaces require an on-site storage tank for oil deliveries.

Signs You’re Due for Furnace Replacement

When is the best time to upgrade a furnace?

The answer varies, but here are a few signs that it may be time for a new unit:

  • The furnace is about 15-20 years old.
  • You are calling for repairs quite frequently.
  • There are new rattling or banging noises coming from the furnace.
  • There is visible damage, such as rust or cracks on the unit.
  • There are new cold zones, indicating the furnace is having a hard time distributing even heat.
  • You’re adding onto your home and need to heat more space.
  • Your heating costs continue to climb for no obvious reason.

If you’re unsure whether you’re due for furnace replacement in Jackson, dial (517) 836-3094. We can help you make the best decision for your home.

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