Just like any other major appliance, your water heater needs maintenance on a regular basis to avoid any major repairs. Aire Serv has professionals trained to repair and service all types of water heaters from gas to electric and high efficiency to tankless. No matter the repair or time, our technicians are sure to repair the problem quickly and correctly.

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Common Water Heater Problems:

  • There’s no hot water: This is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with a water heater. There are a lot of reasons your water heater might not be working, but there are a few things you can check before looking into getting repairs. Check to make sure the pilot light is on, and then make sure the thermometer is set to the desired temperature. If both are working and you still don’t have hot water, it’s time to call your water heater repair specialists at Aire Serv.
  • Not enough hot water: Usually this is just a problem with the thermostat. Look to see if it is turned up, and compare the temperature it’s showing with the actual temperature of the water.
  • The water is too hot: Similar to the first two examples, this is usually just a thermostat malfunction and not a full-blow water heater repair. If your thermostat is set to its normal temperature and you’re still getting scalding hot water, you will need to get it replaced.
  • Smelly water: If a bad smell is coming from the faucet on your water heater, that’s usually a sign that the unit has a fungal or bacterial infection. To cure the problem, drain the tank and fill it with two pints of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let the hydrogen peroxide sit in the water heater for two hours, drain the tank, and then refill it with clean water. If the problem continues, call a technician about water heater repairs.
  • Rumbling or popping noises: These weird sounds are actually a common issue with water heaters. It usually signals that there is some sort of debris or sediment that has built up inside the tank, causing the water to reach a boiling point. Drain the water heater and scrub out the inside. That should fix the problem, and we recommend flushing the water heater tank on a yearly basis after that.

If you are in need of a water heater repair, give the expert technicians at Aire Serv of the Shenandoah Valley a call to schedule your appointment today!

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