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Is your furnace in need of repair? At Aire Serv of Wake County, we provide professional and reliable furnace repair services. Our certified HVAC technicians can diagnose any issue and get your system back up and running quickly. We specialize in all types of makes, models, vintages, and sizes of furnaces so you’re guaranteed a perfect fix every time.

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Our streamlined process ensures our repairs are done efficiently while also maintaining the quality of work. You’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark when it comes to caring for your heating system needs.

Frequently asked questions about furnace repairs

What is the average lifespan of a furnace?

The average lifespan of a furnace is usually between 15-20 years depending on its usage and maintenance schedule. However, if your furnace has not been regularly maintained, then it may fail sooner than 15 years. It's important to get your furnace serviced regularly in order to ensure that it lasts for its entire lifespan!

What are signs that your furnace is going out?

There are several signs that your furnace may be going out. These include strange noises coming from your system, irregular cycling of your system, and an increase in energy bills due to inefficient performance. Additionally, if you notice any yellow flames or soot coming from your system, this could also be an indication of a problem with your system that needs to be addressed quickly by a professional technician.

What causes a furnace to Fail?

Furnaces can fail prematurely due to lack of regular maintenance or due to age-related wear and tear on the system components. In addition, faulty installation or incorrect sizing can cause premature failure as well as improper wiring or ventilation issues within the home. Any one of these problems can lead to decreased efficiency or even complete failure of the unit if not addressed properly by a qualified technician.

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