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Having your dryer vent cleaned is extremely important for your safety. Many house fires are caused by a build up of dryer lint, which is extremely flammable. Dryer exhaust vents should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year depending on the size of the household and dryer usage.

Close-up of dryer vent clogged with lint buildup.

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Not sure whether you need your dryer vent cleaned? Consider these questions. Do you experience longer than normal dry times when drying your clothes? Do your clothes have a considerable amount of lint on them after they come out of the dryer? Do you frequently have to clean your dryer vent because of the dryer lint buildup? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you should consider getting your dryer vent cleaned.

Dryer vent cleaning benefits include:

  • Decreased risk of house fire
  • Increasing the longevity of your dryer
  • Less lint buildup and less lint on your clothes
  • Clothes that dry faster
  • Energy savings / cost cutting

Warning signs your dryer vent is potentially clogged:

  • Excess dry times – when your clothes are no longer fully dry during a regular dry cycle. A blocked dryer vent will trap air and keep your clothes hot and moist. Damp clothes after a regular dry cycle means it’s time to get your dryer vent cleaned out.
  • Excessive lint – when you notice a large amount of lint each time you clean it out, chances are you have a clogged dryer vent. You may even notice a large amount of lint accumulating on the outside of the lint filter and around your dryer.
  • Hot exterior – when your dryer is having to work twice as hard to dry clothes it will feel extremely hot during a cycle. A dryer is created to exhaust the moisture and heat while it dries. If that moisture and heat is unable to leave the dryer, the excessive amount of overall heat can eventually start a fire.

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