Ductless Split AC Systems in College Station, TX

Ductless AC Units for Homes or Businesses

Unfortunately, many homeowners remain unaware of the multiple air conditioning options available beyond centralized units. At Aire Serv in College Station, we offer energy-efficient alternatives that might satisfy your specific needs. Our ductless mini-split zone cooling systems are easy to install and maintain. They also provide cost-effective benefits you won’t find with traditional air conditioning units.

A ductless mini-split relies on an outside condensing unit to cool air locally and channel it through a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted blower unit. We can install several indoor blower units and connect them to a central outdoor condenser.

Four outside air conditioning units.

As a result, ductless split AC systems deliver numerous upsides over conventional units, such as:

  1. Energy Efficiency – A ductless system maintains the desired temperature and uses less energy by delivering air without traveling through ducts.
  2. Zone Heating & Cooling – Each ductless mini-split unit will allow you to set up room-specific temperatures for up to four rooms.
  3. Minimalist Designs – Ductless systems require minimal space and look stylishly simple.
  4. Inexpensive Maintenance Needs – Ductwork can be pricey to maintain. Mini-split systems allow homeowners to bypass the costly cleaning fees associated with ductwork.
  5. Simple Installation – Ductless split AC units are quick and easy to install because they only require a three- or four-inch exterior wall opening.

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Ductless AC systems are ideal for any home or business owner looking to add heating and cooling without breaking the bank. A ductless AC unit may be more expensive than conventional window units, but they offer

  • Providing AC to homes with homes without ductwork
  • Building an addition or expanding a property
  • Renovating an older building with old, leaky ducts
  • Cooling specific rooms

Whatever you choose, our local technicians and friendly customer service team will help you every step of the way.

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