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Are you tired of high energy bills and a less-than-efficient furnace? Look no further than an HVAC heat pump system. At Aire Serv® of Branson, our experienced team is ready to install your new unit safely and efficiently, so you can enjoy a comfortable and environmentally-friendly home.

Not sure which heat pump system is right for you? We're here to help! Our simple guide will walk you through the options and features available, ensuring you make the best choice for your home.

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Heat Pump Systems We Service in Branson

Discover the perfect heat pump system for your home! At Aire Serv® of Branson, we offer two efficient options: air-source heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps.

  • Air-Source Heat Pump: This innovative system transfers and concentrates heat from the air outside, providing excellent heating and cooling for your home. By utilizing electricity to operate, it offers impressive energy efficiency.
  • Geothermal Heat Pump: Harness the power of the earth with our geothermal heat pump. This system extracts cold and warm energy from beneath the ground, delivering optimal comfort to your home. While installation may take longer, the low operating costs make it a worthwhile investment.

Reliable Installation Services

Trust our qualified experts at Aire Serv® of Branson for professional heat pump installation. Whether you choose the air-source or geothermal option, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure a seamless installation process.

For air-source heat pumps, installation is as simple as installing an air conditioner, taking only a single afternoon. Geothermal heat pumps require a more technical approach, involving installation below the ground. Rest assured, our team will thoroughly assess the installation requirements, including the soil quality and plot size, to guarantee an optimal setup. We will also help redesign the landscape surrounding the unit, providing a comprehensive installation service.

Efficient Heat Pump Replacement

When it's time for a residential heat pump replacement, Aire Serv® of Branson is here to help. Our experienced technicians will ensure that your new system operates efficiently, providing the comfort your home deserves. We have expertise in all types and models of heat pumps, allowing us to efficiently replace individual components and perform necessary maintenance tasks. Whether it's filters, refrigerants, valves, or more, we have you covered.

Troubleshooting Assistance

Having issues with your heat pump? Our team at Aire Serv® of Branson is ready to assist you. Whether you're experiencing inadequate home heating or unexpectedly high utility bills, we have the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot the problem effectively. Reach out to us today for quality troubleshooting assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions: Heat Pump vs. Furnaces—Which is Better?

If you're wondering about the differences between heat pumps and furnaces, here's what you need to know. While furnaces create heat internally, heat pumps work by transferring warm air from the outdoors to the indoors using a refrigerant. However, if you live in a colder climate where a heat pump may struggle to bring in warm air, a furnace or boiler could be a better option.

Having Trouble with Your Residential Heat Pump? Here's What to Look Out For:

  • Your heat pump is 10 years or older.
  • You're hearing strange or uncommon sounds.
  • Your home's heating or cooling is inconsistent.
  • You've been facing frequent and costly repairs.
  • Your utility bill has significantly increased due to your heat pump.

How Much Do Heat Pumps Cost?

The cost of a heat pump depends on the type of unit. Air-source heat pumps are easier to install and have a similar cost to air conditioners. On the other hand, ground-source heat pumps can be three to six times more expensive to install due to the reconstruction process. However, they offer long-term cost savings through improved energy efficiency.

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