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It gets hot in Houston, and AC is non-negotiable. Most homes already have some sort of air conditioning unit installed, but every so often, they need to be replaced. Some homes may also be interested in installing central units for the first time. Are you looking for a reliable HVAC professional to take care of AC installation? Our Houston HVAC service professionals at Aire Serv of Central & West Houston are here to help with services that range from replacing your old ductless AC unit to central AC installation.

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With years of experience providing professional air conditioning installation services throughout the River Oaks neighborhood in Houston and the surrounding areas, including Bellaire, Rice Village, Lazy Brook/Timber Grove, Houston Heights, and Memorial Village, you can count on the team at Aire Serv to provide quick, cost-effective, and reliable workmanship on every job performed. Locals can rely on our expert HVAC professionals to find solutions for all their air conditioning installation needs. If your residential property needs AC installation in Houston, you can simply reach out to our AC installer team to learn more about our professional, reliable services!

Reach out to us today to learn more about AC installation in Houston! Or inquire about our other HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

Our Trusted Services for Residential AC Installation in Houston and Area

While most people aren't exactly thrilled to discover they need a new AC installation, Houston households can score some big advantages by replacing a deteriorated, damaged, faulty or inadequate cooling system. Your HVAC system has to use a significant amount of energy to keep your house at the temperature you've selected on your thermostat, but it's worthwhile in exchange for the indoor comfort it provides. But as a system deteriorates, it becomes less efficient, and its energy consumption can increase, raising your utility bill costs along with it.

A new, more energy-efficient installation will help reduce your energy costs, along with other big advantages such as improving indoor air quality, increasing your comfort, and giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your air conditioner will keep working perfectly throughout the long, hot summer.

Types of Houston Air Conditioning Installation Units

You have several options when deciding what type of air conditioning you want to be installed. Air conditioning comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, depending on your personal preferences, the climate in which you live, and the number of anticipated days per year you’ll be running your air conditioner.

There are two main types of units available for AC installation. Houston homeowners can choose from the following options, depending on their HVAC needs and preferences:

  • Split System & Package ACs – Split systems or package AC units are your standard forced-air central air conditioners that use ductwork to move air around a house. The difference between them is that a package unit combines heating and cooling abilities in a single unit, while a split system has separate units for heating and cooling.
  • Ductless Mini-Splits – Ductless mini-split systems are perfect for cooling homes that don’t have ductwork. Instead of using ducts and air registers, they consist of multiple small evaporator units (usually one in every major room of the house) that are connected to an outdoor compressor unit.

Most of our systems come with a 12-year parts warranty and an optional free 12-year labor warranty for property owners who maintain an active maintenance agreement with Aire Serv of Central & West Houston. That’s the benefit of choosing our HVAC professionals. Our professional technicians aim to keep your systems running smoothly throughout the year and provide a range of annual maintenance services to keep you comfortable.

Choose Our Reliable Team for AC Installation in Houston, TX

When it comes to AC installation, Houston homeowners tend to recommend the reliable team of service professionals at Aire Serv of Central & West Houston to their friends and family members. Along with expertly-done Houston air conditioning installation, we offer a wide range of services designed to keep your entire HVAC system in excellent condition, including AC repair, furnace repair and installation, scheduled maintenance services, and much more. We're also available for anytime, 24-hour emergency service. If your HVAC system stops working in the middle of the night or during the weekend, you need help right away—not in a few days or weeks. Call us any time, and we'll send a qualified HVAC professional to your house as soon as possible to get your HVAC system functioning again.

At Aire Serv of Central & West Houston, we’re known for providing the highest quality air conditioner installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services. Once your new AC unit has been installed and tested, it needs to be maintained regularly to ensure it works efficiently with low operating costs for as long as possible. When they choose the team of professionals at Aire Serv to handle AC installation, Houston homeowners should consider establishing regular maintenance services with our HVAC team to keep their new unit in perfect working order for the long haul.

Some of the many benefits of calling Aire Serv of Central & West Houston for expert HVAC services such as Houston air conditioning installation are:

  • 12-year parts warranty and FREE 12-year labor warranty when you have an active maintenance plan with Aire Serv of Central & West Houston
  • Instant rebates of $1,100 + $500 for the installation of a FIT inverter system
  • Easy financing and low monthly payments
  • FREE estimates
  • FREE side by side analysis
  • Assistance with applicable rebates, such as a tax credit for heat pump installation

When you hire our reliable team, you can also count on our No Quibble Guarantee. That means that once we provide you with an estimate, you can count on us to stand by it no matter what. Even if we forget something, it will be on us! That’s a big part of the reason why we’re considered Houston’s most trustworthy HVAC company. If you’re worried about the cost of necessary air conditioning repairs or installations, don’t be—we will NOT be beaten on price!

Frequently Asked Questions About Houston Air Conditioning Installation

If you have questions about AC installation in Houston, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service team. While you’re here, take a look at the answers to some of the most frequent questions asked by customers. Need specifics? Reach out to our valued staff to learn more or book an appointment.

What Does SEER Mean for AC Installation?

When they've been looking around for a new unit for AC installation, Houston homeowners are often unsure of what exactly SEER means and why it's important. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is essentially an efficiency rating that measures cooling system performance. Higher SEER ratings indicate better energy efficiency and less fuel consumption. Modern, high-efficiency units save money for homeowners because they reduce the energy costs on your utility bills, and they reduce your carbon footprint because they don't put as much of a strain on limited energy resources.

One of the reasons it's so important to understand SEER when purchasing a new unit is that the U.S. Department of Energy has minimum efficiency requirements for AC installation. Houston HVAC professionals are not permitted to install units that don't meet those minimums, so it's necessary to choose one that is in compliance with the regulations. As of 2023, air conditioners installed in the Southeastern region of the United States (including Texas) must have a SEER rating of 15 or higher. Most units available for sale these days will meet or exceed that rating, but it's still good to be aware of it. These energy conservation measures have a huge impact on energy usage throughout the Southeastern region of the United States, reducing both your individual energy bills and the environmental toll of high energy usage.

Where Should an AC Installation Be Placed in My House?

That's a question that warrants careful consideration when it's time for AC installation. Houston homeowners may have an idea in their heads of where they want their new unit to go, but there may be more to the installation than they expect, depending on the type of system. It's also important to note that there are certain requirements for where indoor and outdoor units need to be placed for maximum efficiency, function, and safety.

When searching for the perfect place for an outdoor AC installation, Houston homeowners should look for somewhere that meets these conditions:

  • Must be at least 12 inches away from any other object or structure
  • Ideally, it should be away from high-traffic areas and sheltered from direct sunlight
  • Must be installed on an elevated, level condenser pad
  • Nearby bushes and tree branches should be trimmed so they're a safe distance away

Indoor central air units will likely be located in a utility area near other appliances like your furnace and water heater, but if you are having a ductless mini-split system installed, you'll need appropriate locations on the wall in each room that is getting an evaporator unit. Here are some of the conditions to keep in mind for wall-mounted units:

  • Must be at least seven feet above your floor
  • Must have six inches of clearance on top and sides
  • Positioned a minimum of three feet away from Wi-Fi modems, electronics, and coaxial cables
  • Wall must be sturdy enough to support unit, which will ideally be fastened on a wall stud
  • Must be sheltered from sustained, direct sunlight and other heat sources
  • Can not be obstructed by large furniture or other items

What Should I Expect When Getting an AC Installed?

AC installation isn’t a process that can be done by just anyone. It’s a multi-step procedure that needs to be performed to code, not to mention certain actions that need to be followed for the system to work correctly. Wondering exactly what goes on during an AC installation? Houston, we’ll walk you through the basic steps of an installation to help you better understand what’s involved indoors and outdoors of your home.

  1. Remove the old interior AC unit and disconnect all the ductwork, wiring, gas, and exhaust vents and the condensate drain
  2. Attach the new wiring and lines
  3. Check that the system is connected properly
  4. Hook up the refrigerant and service valves
  5. Remove the old exterior AC unit
  6. Level the equipment pad or place on a riser
  7. Install the new unit, including the service disconnect and load-side high-voltage wire
  8. Set the copper line and insulation

After installation, we perform numerous checks across the entire system. We won’t leave until we know it’s running correctly and will walk you through exactly how to operate the system before we go. After installation of your forced air unit, don’t forget to schedule regular air duct cleaning to avoid premature AC replacement.

What else Do I Need to Know Before an AC Installation in Houston?

Our installation process varies depending on the type of AC unit you choose. Before you schedule a professional installation service with the experts at Aire Serv of Central & West Houston, it's important to remember a few things, including:

  • The installation process will likely require less reconfiguration if you’re replacing an existing AC unit of the same type.
  • Central air conditioning systems require ductwork, which can be an expensive addition to your home. Ductless split AC systems are a great option for older homes that don’t have ductwork.
  • Adding air conditioning will help reduce humidity levels in your home.
  • It’s important to choose an AC unit that’s appropriate for the size of your home and projected energy demand.
  • Having a qualified HVAC professional perform the installation is key to ensuring the process goes smoothly and correctly. Your local Aire Serv professionals are highly experienced in-home air conditioning installation services.

Do You Need a Permit to Replace an AC in Houston?

Yes. You cannot replace or install an air conditioning unit in Houston without the right permits. Do so, and you’ll be looking at a hefty fine. To do HVAC work in Houston, you must be a certified and registered technician working for a licensed contractor. That means not just anyone can do HVAC work in the city, and when you hire the professional team at Aire Serv, you know you’re getting an experienced, licensed technician. This makes a big difference in the quality of the work performed, but it also means that we will obtain all the necessary permits for the job. Locals can rely on us to perform a thorough inspection of their homes before applying for permits. On installation day, we’ll have everything required to start the job without risking penalties or fines.

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With years of experience serving home and business owners throughout the River Oaks neighborhood in Houston and the surrounding areas, including Bellaire, Rice Village, Lazy Brook/Timber Grove, Houston Heights, and Memorial Village, we’re fully equipped to help you when you need reliable air conditioning installation services.

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