Air Duct Replacement in Houston

There are few modern inventions that surpass central air conditioning and forced-air heating systems for convenience and indoor comfort. Just adjust your thermostat, and the correct temperature of air comes blasting out of vents or registers in every room of the house, in theory anyway. When there are noticeable problems like hot and cold zones in a house, your first instinct may be to blame your air conditioner or furnace—but this could actually be a sign that you need air duct replacement. Houston homeowners often don't give the ductwork part of their heating and cooling systems a second thought, so it doesn't always occur to them that that's where the problem could be.

If it's been many years since your house last had an air duct replacement, Houston HVAC professionals at Aire Serv of Central & West Houston are here to help. We have the experience and skill to get the replacement ductwork taken care of efficiently and correctly. This way, your household will get back to its regular routines but with greater indoor comfort.

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Our Experienced Houston Duct Replacement Services

If your system still "sort of" works, you may not be eager to jump right into a project like air duct replacement. Houston households can actually benefit in multiple ways from Houston duct replacement services. Depending on the current condition of your ductwork, the replacement could improve your indoor air quality by removing allergens and respiratory irritants such as animal dander and mold growth. It will also improve the performance of your system overall, making your indoor temperatures more consistent and comfortable while at the same time reducing your HVAC system's energy consumption to save you money on your utility bills.

When you call the AC duct replacement experts at Aire Serv, we'll start by assessing the project so we know how much material and what type we'll need and so we're aware of any obstacles or potential issues. We'll then explain our recommendations on how best to proceed and offer you an upfront quote so you can make an informed decision about what's right for your property and your budget. On the day of your service appointment, we'll arrive on time, in uniform, with the tools and equipment we need to get the job done right so you and your family can breathe a perfectly climate-controlled sigh of relief.

Pick Aire Serv for Dependable Air Duct Replacement, Houston Homeowners

When they get the news that their home is due (or possibly even past due) for air duct replacement, Houston homeowners don't need to search high and low for the best local HVAC company—look no further than the reliable Houston HVAC experts at Aire Serv of Central & West Houston. We are proud to serve the homeowners and business owners of Houston with reliable, experienced workmanship and outstanding customer service. Along with AC duct replacement, we provide services for your entire HVAC system, including furnace repair, heating maintenance, air conditioning installation, air conditioner repair, emergency HVAC services, and much more.

We only hire the most qualified heating and cooling professionals, who undergo an extensive screening process that involves a background check program, so you can expect courteous, professional behavior at all times when our team is on the job. Every one of our HVAC service professionals has the training and applicable state-level licenses necessary to complete your Houston duct replacement safely and correctly, with long-lasting results.

Frequently Asked AC Duct Replacement Questions

What Are the Signs My House Needs AC Duct Replacement?

Many homeowners never give their duct system a second thought, and that means they typically don't realize when their home needs air duct replacement. Houston homeowners may notice the signs of trouble but don't necessarily connect them to faulty or deteriorated ductwork. If you're aware of what happens with your system and the symptoms that indicate Houston duct replacement is necessary, you can call your local HVAC professionals at Aire Serv to get it taken care of before those symptoms worsen or you experience a catastrophic breakdown that leaves you without air conditioning or heating. Some of the key signs to watch out for are:

  • Hot and cold zones—one room or side of the house may be uncomfortably warm while other parts are freezing cold
  • Whistling or rattling noises coming from air vents
  • Foul odors from vents, such as mildew or rotting
  • Signs of insect or rodent infestations around vents
  • Increasing charges on your energy bills
  • Ductwork hasn't been replaced for more than 15 years

Can I Get Ductwork Installation If I Don't Already Have Air Ducts?

Most newer houses in the Houston area have duct installation done during construction, but if you have an older home that doesn't include ductwork, you may be wondering if it would be a good option to simply have it installed. Unfortunately, it's not all that simple. It's not just a matter of cutting open walls and ceilings to install the ducts—older houses that were built before central heating and cooling systems were common don't have space available inside the walls for ductwork to fit, so installing it would essentially involve removing all interior walls and rebuilding them, which just isn't worth it in the long run. The better solution for air conditioning in a house that doesn't have ductwork is a ductless mini-split system that includes an outdoor compressor unit that is connected to small evaporator units in each major room of the house to provide the same cooling power without the need for ductwork.

How Long Does Ductwork Last Before I Need Air Duct Replacement Service?

The expected service life of ductwork can vary quite a bit based on factors such as how much maintenance and cleaning it receives, the type of material, and whether it was correctly installed in the first place. If it's made with high-quality materials and diligently maintained, it's possible it could last as long as 20 or 25 years, but even in that case, you'll likely see a loss in performance starting at around 15 years. If the installation was faulty or lesser quality materials were used, your ductwork could start to fail before it hits the 15-year mark.

There really is a pretty wide time span to consider, but if you're interested in going as long as possible without the need for air duct replacement, Houston HVAC professionals at Aire Serv have the answer—regular air duct cleaning appointments and HVAC system tune-ups with our experienced team will help to significantly extend the serviceable years of your ductwork. With an Advantage Plan membership, you pay just $9.99 per month for membership benefits that include two HVAC maintenance and tune-up appointments per year, priority scheduling, HVAC repair discounts, and more.

Can AC Duct Replacement Increase Energy Savings?

Whether you see a major difference in energy savings after Houston duct replacement really depends on the current condition of your ductwork. If you have deteriorated, leaky ducts that are causing significant energy loss, you will definitely notice a decrease in your energy bills after air duct replacement. Houston homeowners often don't realize the impact that damaged ductwork can have on the energy efficiency of their home—after all, ducts don't use energy themselves; they're just tubes that carry heated or cooled air around the building.

The trouble starts when ducts have slowly deteriorated over time or have suffered more sudden damage from a pest infestation, leaking plumbing pipe, or something else and develop holes or cracks. Those weak points allow some of the air to escape inside your walls instead of getting all the way to the vents in each room or part of the house. Because the habitable parts of the house aren't getting up (or down) to the temperature that is set on your thermostat, the thermostat sends signals to your HVAC system to keep operating for longer periods of time in compensation. That uses up a lot more energy than would be necessary if the ducts were in good condition, costing you additional energy charges on your utility bills for basically heating or cooling the inside of your walls.

Do You Have to Rip Out Walls to Do Houston Duct Replacement?

When they need air duct replacement, Houston property owners sometimes worry that they'll need new walls and ceilings as well after their home is essentially destroyed to put in the new ducts. The good news is that's typically not necessary. Unless you have a flat roof, which is much more difficult to work with, we'll likely be able to install your new AC duct replacement into the space left behind by the old ducts without needing to tear down any walls or ceilings.

Do You Need Air Duct Replacement? Houston HVAC Experts Are Here to Help!

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