Heating System Repair Service in East Central Minnesota

Professional Heating Services for Your Home

A cold home on a frigid day is a chilling experience. If your home’s heating system isn’t working properly, we are here for you. Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota offers residential heater repair services in North Branch, MN. We know how hard your heating system works to keep your home warm and cozy. Our service professionals know the best ways to repair it when it malfunctions. We help your heating system get back to keeping you warm and cozy as quickly as possible. Contact us today to request heater repair services for your home.

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We Service All Heating Repair Issues

We understand it can be scary when your heating system isn’t working correctly. You can trust us to provide fast and efficient heater repair services. Our service professionals are extensively trained to know the best repairs for your heater. Some of the most common heater issues we service include the following:

  • Pilot light problems
  • Ignition problems 
  • Failed motors
  • Faulty burners 
  • Insufficient heating output 

Signs You Need Heater Repairs

All heating systems don’t suddenly stop before there is an issue. It’s important to know the subtle signs that you may need heater repairs. We can quickly diagnose the problem and find an effective solution. Some of the most common signs you need heater repairs include the following:

  • Heater will not turn on
  • Heater turns on too often
  • Your energy bill skyrockets
  • Heater isn’t working as well
  • Heating unit is aging
  • Heater does not emit warm air
  • Heater has not been serviced in the past year

Repairing All Types of Heating Systems

We can install, repair, and maintain all types of heating systems. It’s important to understand your heating system to help extend its lifespan. Some of the most common heating systems include the following:

Forced Air

Forced air systems are one of the most common types of heating solutions for homes. Air is heating in your furnace and then forced through ducts in the home. Forced air systems are powered by propane, electricity, fuel oil, or natural gas.


Boiler systems offer heat through steam and hot water. In most homes, boilers heat water for radiators that are located throughout the home for even heating. It’s important to have a boiler system with a large capacity to decrease energy use and comfort levels.


A furnace uses an electric motor to pull in air before fanning it over a gas burner or heating element. You must have proper venting to ensure a furnace works correctly. We can help you know if you have an adequate venting system for your furnace.

Heat Pump

A heat pump utilizes an electric motor that converts cold air into heat. Heat pumps can heat and cool your home. Most homeowners in mild climates choose heat pumps.

Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless unit sends hot and cold water through a tubing system in your walls to cool or heat your home. Ductless mini-split systems rely on indoor and outdoor units for proper functioning instead of ductwork.

Trusted Heating System Installation and Repairs

Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota provides high-quality heating system installation and repair services. Our service professionals are trained in the best installation and repair methods for your heating system. You can trust us to deliver excellent heater repair services. If you need a new heater, we will help you choose the best type for your home. We’re committed to your heating installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

Contact Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota

Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota offers comprehensive heating services in North Branch and the surrounding areas. We also have an Advantage Plan to help customers feel right at home with us. Our team does everything from heater and furnace maintenance to cooling services. We are always here to answer questions about your heating system. If you suspect you have a heating issue, don’t get left in the cold. We will rescue you with exceptional heating repairs. Contact us today to get an estimate on our heating repair services for your home.

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