Quality Heating & AC Services in Raleigh, NC

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Are you looking for HVAC repair in East Raleigh or nearby areas? Aire Serv® offers services from experienced professionals who will find the exact solutions your heating and cooling system needs. With more than 200 locations throughout Canada and the United States, our team is here to diagnose problems, offer advice, and finish repairs.

AC Repair

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Our service professionals are trained for various AC brands and units, so we can find and fix any problem. If your air conditioning in East Raleigh suddenly stops working during a hot day, or you notice serious issues like an AC constantly turning on or off or airflow that isn't cooling at all, our team will be able to handle it. These kinds of problems need a professional, and thanks to our 24/7 emergency services, if you need AC repairs, Aire Serv will always send someone out to help.

AC Maintenance in East Raleigh

Cooling systems work best when properly maintained once or twice a year. Our AC maintenance professionals will measure your system's refrigerant to ensure it's at the right levels, along with cleaning and doing a once-over on your unit. We are happy to arrange a visit and take care of all the details, including replacing your filters, ensuring AC units are clean, and checking airflow to see if anything's impeding it. We can also catch problems early and advise when you may want to buy a new unit.

Heating Repair

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Heating is no joke during the coldest months, and if your furnace goes out, you need a reliable response. With our emergency heating repair services, you can call day or night, and we will take action. We can address serious problems like complete failure, thermostat issues, or ignition issues in a safe way that gets dependable results.

Heating Maintenance in East Raleigh

Furnaces and heat pumps need care, too. Contact Aire Serv today to arrange for HVAC maintenance in East Raleigh so you can be assured that your heating system is prepared for the longest winters. We can inspect your system and check that it's clean, free of damage or loose fasteners, and ready to perform its best without any unpleasant surprises.

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