Water Heater Services in Elkton

Exceptional Water Heater Solutions to Protect Your Comfort

Have you ever been shocked by freezing water when you were fully expecting a nice hot shower? You shouldn’t have to deal with unwanted cold water because your water heater is on the fritz. Our team at Aire Serv of Elkton wants to help you avoid these situations.

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We can support you with the following water heater services:

  • Water heater repair – A broken water heater means inadequate water temperatures and discomfort in your home. Our licensed and certified HVAC service professionals are highly trained to repair almost any issue plaguing your water heater.
  • Water heater replacement – When there’s nothing we can do to save your unit, the next best option is to replace it. We support you in finding the right water heater make, model, and size that fits your home.
  • Water heater installation – Our technicians are meticulous with installation services, ensuring your water heater is properly installed and ready for use.
  • Water heater maintenance – Water heater upkeep is vital to the longevity of your unit. We recommend annual maintenance to keep your water heater operating efficiently long term.

You can’t go wrong when you have Elkton’s preferred heating and cooling service company partnering with you.

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How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

Most conventional water heaters have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years (give or take). Tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. With regular maintenance and accurate repairs, your water heater can last even longer. That being said, various factors can impact how well your water heater functions over time. Everything from age, type of water heater, weather, usage, and more can affect longevity. Let our licensed HVAC service professionals in Elkton assess your system to ensure it suits your needs and operates efficiently.

The Types of Water Heaters We Repair, Replace, Or Install

Are you convinced you have a one-of-a-kind water heater that even the most experienced HVAC service professional couldn’t fix? We’re up for the challenge! Our local team in Elkton has helped hundreds of homeowners with various types of water heaters, from conventional to solar-powered.

Conventional storage water heater

Most people are familiar with conventional storage water heaters located in basements, attics, or garages. These units hold water to be heated and are insulated to retain the specific water temperature.

Tankless water heater

Water is heated on-demand with tankless water heaters, offering an (almost) endless hot water supply. Still, with overuse or simultaneous operation with another water-related appliance, you may experience water temperature fluctuations.

Hybrid water heater

Hybrid water heaters rely on the heat in the air and ground to heat water adequately. What’s great about this unit type is that you can save money on electricity, as it uses a minimal amount to move heat from the air or ground.

Solar-powered water heater

Drawing energy from the sun, a solar-powered water heater is one of the most eco-friendly options we can assist with. You’ll see various money-saving benefits and make your home more energy efficient.

Trust our courteous and knowledgeable heating and cooling service specialists to assist you with top-quality water heater services today.

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